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Advertising Network: Its Types

An ad network represents web sites in advertisement selling, allowing the buyers of advertising to reach audience easily through run-of-network and run-of-category buys. Advertising networks provide with ad campaigns coordination for media buyers across thousands of people efficiently. One of the issues for publishers is non exclusive representation and exclusive representation where in the former… Read More »

Differences Between Online Advertising and Traditional Advertising

To remain competitive in marketplace, to create brand image, and to attract customers all businesses need to implement marketing strategies. The selection of marketing tools also depends upon the strategy. There are many differences between online advertising and traditional advertising. Traditional marketing includes direct mail (such as brochures and catalogs) print, radio, television, and billboards.… Read More »

Strategies and Types of Online Marketing

Online marketing involves using desktops, smartphones, tablets and other devices goods or services to sell goods or services on the Internet. Internet marketing is getting more popular because of its cost-effectiveness, easy to execute, and other positive attributes. In this article, we will discuss strategies and types of online marketing briefly.