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Banner Ads and its Working Procedure

Banner ads is a form of advertisement that appear in rectangular boxes on a web page. It can be posted anywhere on the web page. A hyper link is attached to the rectangular box. If someone clicks on that box the browser navigates to the advertisers website. In previous days banner ads would appeared only… Read More »

Reasons to Have Your Own Ad Server

Ad servers will help publishers to check and manage the available adverting space on the website. Generally any ad server can do this work. It is better to use your own ad server if you run a consistent volume of ad campaigns. Because it is very needed to control the operations of your ads. Here… Read More »

Digital Printing Vs Offset Printing – Their Pros and Cons

The popular commercial printing choices available today are digital printing and offset printing. Offset printing is traditional and the natural method of printing process whereas digital printing is the emerging printing technology. Both of them are unique and bring you benefits. Confused on what printing technology to use for your printings, a common question arises… Read More »

Company Promotion Versus Company Branding

People usually confuse when it comes to company promotion and company branding. They two distinct notions. We furnish here a few points for clarity. Company promotion Promotion is a term generally used in businesses by influencing the people in buying the product/service you offer or making them to be aware of the brand that you… Read More »

Pros and Cons of Banner Advertising

As in case of other marketing strategies, you need to have clear picture of how this marketing technique benefits you. Since banner advertising has been used for so long, it is considered best advertising options. Let us have a look at the pros and cons that are associated with using this type of marketing strategy.… Read More »