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Banner Ads and its Working Procedure

AdserverBanner ads is a form of advertisement that appear in rectangular boxes on a web page. It can be posted anywhere on the web page. A hyper link is attached to the rectangular box. If someone clicks on that box the browser navigates to the advertisers website.

In previous days banner ads would appeared only in text format and graphical images. But now with the development of technology, the appearance and usage of banner ads have changed. Today banner ads appear in flash type, animated graphics, video content and sound.

Banner ads play an important role when it comes to online marketing. It is helpful to advertise businesses online. Coming to the size of banner ads, it is not in a particular size, it comes in some standards (IAB standards). For banner ads most of the websites will depend on the limit of memory size.

Ad serverWorking procedure of banner ads
Generally banner ads are used to get traffic to the advertisers site by clicking on the ad that has a link. Most advertisers are interested to place their ads on a website that has high traffic because there are more chances of getting more clicks to the ad. While placing the banner ads advertisers should know about the website target. It should match with the advertisers intended audiences.

Elements of banner ads

  • The advertiser: Advertiser is one who wants to promote his business. It is a company that wants to promote their products/services.
  • The agency: Generally advertisers contact agencies to start an advertising campaign. The agency will help the advertisers by creating the banner ads based on the advertisers requirement. After creating banners for the advertisers the agency will buy the space for the advertisement.
  • Freelancer: The advertisers can contact freelancers for the same work with less money.

The advertising network
Advertisers, agencies and freelancers can approach the advertising network for buying ad space. If the price is worth it, then the ad networks will accept the banners (if it follows IAB standards). Some times the advertisers will contact the publishers directly instead of advertising networks.
This is all about the fundamentals of banner ads.
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Reasons to Have Your Own Ad Server

Ad servers will help publishers to check and manage the available adverting space on the website. Generally any ad server can do this work. It is better to use your own ad server if you run a consistent volume of ad campaigns. Because it is very needed to control the operations of your ads. Here are some reasons why you need to have your own ad server.

Control over data
If you are a multiple user of internet, you probably share the information over in many servers and many websites. If you are using one ad server means you are storing all your information in it. You can protect your information by using some methods, but the storage space remains same. You can make some changes that is by setting up your own server to hold the data. By this you can get good security.

Building own services
By using your own ad server you can do anything like you can run your own email server to manage all your emails. And even you can implement many services which you want to use. Chances are endless. Only thing is you need to choose one. Apart from the hardware problems, the services by your sever will not change until you make it. But if you use a third party server you have to adjust with the newly made changes of server.

Data ownership
One more reason to use your own ad server is data ownership. Here you can have a control on your data. If you are not using your own ad server means simply you are depending on other ad servers that is you are losing control over your data. By using your own ad server you can manage all your ad campaigns, and also you can store all your data in single data base. Which will reduce the complexity.

The cost for your own ad server is really insignificant. Specially when you are not using it all day. The only thing here you should consider is cost of electricity.

So having your own ad server has many advantages to it.
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Digital Printing Vs Offset Printing – Their Pros and Cons

The popular commercial printing choices available today are digital printing and offset printing. Offset printing is traditional and the natural method of printing process whereas digital printing is the emerging printing technology. Both of them are unique and bring you benefits. Confused on what printing technology to use for your printings, a common question arises for most people is which is more suitable – offset or digital printing.

You can choose the type of printing based on key factors and benefits. The key factors include budget, time and quality. These factors you need to figure out before you opt for any of the printing technologies. Along with this, you should also take a look at the pros and cons of each. To help you out, we have compiled the benefits and drawbacks of each printing technology.

Digital printing
Digital printing does direct printing with the help of digital medium. In other words, it sends the file from a computer to the digital printer that directly prints on a paper. Digital printing eliminates many steps involved in the offset printing like making films and plates for ink rollers. It uses inkjet or laser technologies for printing. Many high quality digital printers use laser for printing.

The pros:

  • The primary benefit of digital printing is it is fast and is suitable for businesses with stringent deadlines.
  • This is more efficient or economical option for the small number of prints or print runs.
  • It can quickly print off proof sheets i.e., few sheets at a time.
  • Digital printing is more flexible if you need frequent changes to your printing – customization is available in digital printing.
  • Digital prints are of very high quality as the colors shows perfectly on the prints and the quality of the color from the first print to last print will be the same on the print.
  • A major concern of the new companies or businesses in case of offset printing is whether the print that they had made would appeal to their clients or not. But with digital printing, you can eliminate this problem because there is chance of getting prototypes before you decide the final print and it doesn’t take much time for making samples as digital printing process is quick.

The cons:
Though there are lots of benefits with digital printing, and has also a few drawbacks that you need to consider when choosing.

  • It is expensive if you want to make a bulk or high volumes of sheets.
  • Some of the digital print papers can have cracks in folds or edges as the ink can’t fully absorbed by the paper.
  • Though digital prints are of good quality, they are inferior to the one offset printing because the color quality can’t match.

Offset printing
Offset printing is a traditional method used in printing. It involves a series of steps – at first, the inked image is transferred through a series of rollers from a plate to the rubber blanket and then sent to a roll of sheets/papers for printing. When it comes to mass creation, offset printing is the most common method.

The pros:

  • Offset printing is a cost effective option for long print runs or for high volumes.
  • You can have more choices or materials like stock, paper types, sizes, etc.
  • As for image quality, this is good choice for the graphic designers.

The cons:

  • Offset printing costs more for short volumes of printing.
  • It takes more time as it requires a huge set-up and the costs for the set-up are more.
  • It is more difficult if you want to customize or personalize the print during the print run.
  • Multiple changes and the accurate proofing is expensive in offset printing.

Make sure to choose the one that satisfies the above factors and your requirements.
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Company Promotion Versus Company Branding

People usually confuse when it comes to company promotion and company branding. They two distinct notions. We furnish here a few points for clarity.

Company promotion
Promotion is a term generally used in businesses by influencing the people in buying the product/service you offer or making them to be aware of the brand that you are promoting. Company promotion plays a major role in bringing the company a brand name. Thus, we can say that company branding will be part of company promotion. In other words, the company will get a brand image through promotion. ‘Company promotion’ is particularly used to refer to the activity intended to promote the company, a business’s product/service.

Company branding
Branding is a common word used in business today. It is the aggregation of all the things such as logo, brand message, tag line, etc. It is mainly involved in bringing a unique image for the product/service among the prospects and clients/customers with the help of promotion. Branding aims in establishing a distinguished presence of your business in the market, which retains the customers who are loyal towards your business.

Differences between promotion and branding

  • Branding shows how your business or company is different from others available in the market.
    Promotion is a one time event. It is done one hour, one month or one year in reaching a particular goal or a specific purpose of your business.
  • Branding helps in getting potential buyers. It helps in making the people aware of the company brand through promotion. This improves the brand image of the company.
    Trust is established through your company brand. Your brand shows the quality of the product or service you offer to the customers.
    Promotion is made to bring the success of the company or brand among the people.
  • Through branding people will become familiar with the product/service brand of your company and it also shows the credibility of the company.
    Promotion is likely to improve volume of sales of your product/service. It brings an awareness among your potential clients/customers you are offering for the customers.

Reputation of the company depends on successful branding that you get through promotion company strengths or the values. When you are good at this you can stand out in the competing market. These points offer a clarity on branding and promotion and how they are interrelated.
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Pros and Cons of Banner Advertising

Ad ServerAs in case of other marketing strategies, you need to have clear picture of how this marketing technique benefits you. Since banner advertising has been used for so long, it is considered best advertising options. Let us have a look at the pros and cons that are associated with using this type of marketing strategy.

Pros of banner advertising
Banner advertising can highly benefit your business by announcing new products, building your brand and driving sales. Following are some advantages of banner advertising :

  • Finds new customers : With the help of banner advertising, you are able put your message right in front of the people that will be easily available to them. Introducing yourself to new customers in an ideal way to win new businesses.
  • Builds your brand: It is one of the most important assets for any business. If you build customers’ trust, it will help you attract them to your business to purchase goods and services. Banner advertising allows you in getting your website name and also your company’s logo in front of your customers.
  • Easier and cost effective: One of the advantage of banner advertising is that, it is cost effective as they are easier and quicker to manufacture. Cost of banner adds makes possible for any business to use it as a marketing tool.
  • Getting more traffic: With the help of banner advertising, you are able to attract people on large scale to your website.

Ad serving softwareCons of banner advertising
Although banner advertising is beneficial to businesses, there are some drawbacks of this marketing tool, which drive many business owners away from opting for this type of advertising :

  • Overload of advertising: Every marketer wants to attract the attention of the consumer, thus providing too much of information. The only solution is to develop a campaign that is creative thereby cutting down the clutter and making it in a way that will connect you with your target audience.
  • Many choices: There are many number of websites that make difficult to identify the one which will be the most effective ones to target your audience. To select an appropriate site, you need to research more that will be best for your product or service.
  • Scope: Still there are many people who rely on traditional type of advertising in order to gather information on a particular product or service, thus making banner advertising a poor tool for marketing.

In view of these pros and cons, you need to make a balanced choice. Research well and take professional experts’ help.
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