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Types of Patio Styles for Your Home

Are you planning for a patio? Are you confused which one to choose? Here are few patio styles that you can choose for your house. Some of the patio styles are listed below.

Miniature plantsBackyard patio
Most people who prefer backyard patios construct them on the east or north side. The east location gives sun in the morning and shade in the after afternoon and when coming to the north it gives little sunlight all the day. So, depending on the requirements of the people the patios are constructed. The backyard patio may be roofed or roofless. Most of them prefer roofless backyard patios which gives them more privacy.

Front yard patio
Front yard patios act as a welcoming door and sitting place for the visitors of your house. They are near your front doors of your house. But, the front yard patios doesn’t give much privacy to the people. These patios are mostly not preferred as they create disturbance to the outdoor environment. If you want to construct a front yard patio then it will have many limitations.

Bistro patio
If you are interested in gardening, then bistro patio will be sufficient enough for you. This will be perfect patio accommodating table and chairs. This is also a kind of backyard patio and will be suitable for the snack times, breakfast, etc. A bistro patio needs only few amount of space for construction i.e., atleast 6 feet.

Courtyard patio
Courtyard patios are located in the middle of the house surrounded by walls on three sides and one side opening which acts as an entrance to the courtyard and this patio best suits in summer.

Sundeck patio
This patios are also called as sunrooms were most people relax, play games, have entertainment, etc. Sundeck patio is constructed with glass walls through which people get fresh air and sunlight all the day and it helps them stay healthy and conserves energy by providing natural light. These are usually located near the pool and are located on the front side of the home.

Living room patio
This is also a kind of backyard patio. It is a space for people to relax with family members or friends. This acts as a living room. It features a fireplace with shade structure. It should be constructed with atleast 16X18 feet dimensions.
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Understand the Types of House Additions

Are you planning to shift to another house, because of less space in your house, you are finding it difficult to accommodate. If your answer is positive, just stop a while: moving to another house may not be the solution, you can maximize space in your house by adding an extra room to your house. House addition is much cheaper than buying a new house or staying on rent.

In this article, we will help you understand the types of house additions that you can add to your existing house.

A porch is an extension to the living space area. You can add porch Fairy houses in the front and rear side of the house. It enhances the appeal of your house. You can enjoy outdoor living space. Porch is usually used for entertaining, playing and seating purposes.

Sun room/Conservatory
Sun room and conservatory look similar, but there is a small difference between them. Sun room is an enclosed room built with windows and glass walls. These rooms allow direct sun light into the indoor space. To put it in simply, the sun room is an indoor living space where you can enjoy outdoor view from the sun room. Conservatory allows more light in your house, but it is mainly used for growing plants. Total conservatory is made of glass.

A deck is an extension of outdoor living space where you can have parties and entertain your guests. Decks usually don’t have ceiling and flooring. You can add walls or simply partitions to your living space. It is less expensive and you can add it to add value to your house.

A bump-out is extending/moving your walls up to a few inches/feet to add extra space to house interior. That is, you can increase the dimensions of your room or house by adding a bump-out.

Dormers add usable space on the sloping roofs. They are meant for decorative purposes or for functional spaces. You can also add windows to dormers for architectural finish. Dormers makes your house look beautiful.

Patio and backyard both are similar. These are the open space between house and the garden mostly used for relaxing, dining and entertainment. Some patios are enclosed, but don’t confuse with porch. However, patios are always connected with front door or rear door of the house.

Orangeries and conservatories look alike. However, their roofing structures are different. While orangeries roofing structure provides insulation from sunshine to the interior of the house, conservatories don’t do so. Orangeries interiors look fabulous and more impressive than that of conservatories.

Single room
If you want to add extra room to your house, a single room is the best option. You can use this room as your bedroom, garage room or store room.

Second story
Adding one more level on the top of the first floor of the house is second story. This is mainly used when you want to add more rooms on the top of the first floor roof. To construct second story, you need the support of first floor basement, walls and roofing.

You can get house addition done as per your requirements; these additions will not only change the look of your house, but will add value to your house as well.
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Pros and Cons of Metal Roof Coatings

Metal roof coatings protect existing roof, eliminate expensive metal repair or replacement, and provide significant air conditioning cost savings. Metal is once again restored by applying acrylic coating. These coatings give rust-free, leak-proof extended life to the roof and good value for money to the building owners and managers. There are some advantages as well as disadvantages of applying metal coatings to roofs.

Advantages of applying metal roof coatings:

  • It is inexpensive because no need to restore or replace the roof. So it is convenient for you to do your business without any disturbance.
  • Metal roof coatings are strong and can withstand rigors of wind, hail, and puncture from flying debris.
  • It prevents any leakage.
  • Metal roof coatings are resistant to acid rain, air pollutants and UV degradation.
  • There will not be any cracking because of temperature changes that result in expanding and contracting.
  • It is rust-free.
  • It is so light weight that your building can bare.
  • Fire proof.
  • There is no need of tearing the existing one because metal proof coatings are applied on the existing one.
  • Easy and quick to install.
  • You can save energy costs.
  • It provides cool to your interior of your home.

Disadvantages of metal proof coatings:

  • Cost more than substantially more initially, than a premium asphalt roof.
  • Requires high maintenance.
  • Produces more sound whenever rains or snow hit the metal roofs.

We see that the advantages are more than the disadvantages.

Why Should You Go for Ceramic Tiles?

The most noticeable part of any house or office is floor because everyone who comes to your home notices it. You should be very careful and cautious about material of the floor if you are having small kids and pets in your home.

If you use scratchy floors in your home, your children and pets may get hurt by the floors as they love to play on floors. So, to avoid this problem, use something smooth and plain which looks beautiful, easy to clean and will not hurt your kids and pets.

The best solution for this is to choose ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles come in various range of sizes, colors, and designs. You can make any design on your floor with those. Ceramic tile is the most durable sort of flooring material and you will love to use it.

You do not worry about the scratches on the floor that will make by your pets because ceramic tile reduces your tension as it is smoother than the other flooring materials plus your pets can’t scratch it. And also it is very easy to clean because it is not stained, faded, colored so easily. Even it cannot be burned because there is no need to worry while installing it on kitchen.

The other reason for choosing ceramic tiles is it do not get slippery as mildew cannot grow on it and it gives you the freedom to use it on your bathrooms, they are hygienic and don’t attract or absorb dirt and they are very easy to clean. Bathroom ceramic tiles are also available in favorite designs and shapes which will enhance the aesthetic beauty of your bathroom.

You can also decorate your kid’s room with ceramic tiles with some different designs in different color and then color the walls with the same color. They will also love to keep them clean as they will find it easier.

One more advantage of ceramic tiles is it is the best flooring material Investment wise available in market as it is more flexible to use and it is more long-lasting or durable for centuries. It will increase your place’s value and give you the freshness you need to work or to keep yourself in fresh and good mood always.

However, you may still have to fight against sticky residues, slippery spots, dullness, and other issues resulting from improper floor cleaning if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Various Types of Designs Used in Kitchen

In the older days, there were not many patterns for designing kitchens, hence, older kitchens used to look dull and simple. But these days many designs are available for designing kitchens based on the space available for the kitchen in a house. These modern kitchens are known as modular kitchens. In modular kitchens there are many styles available to design the kitchens having with high quality, sections of cabins, shelves, dish washer, chimney, spaces for refrigerators and microwave oven and a good amount of storage capacity which gives you a fresh, comfortable and pure environment.

There are three types of kitchen styles. Traditional styled, country styled and contemporary styled kitchens.

Traditional styled kitchens are most versatile and timeless in construction.

Country styled kitchens give the relaxed and comfortable designs and can be constructed in medium sized areas of kitchens.

Contemporary styled kitchens are very sleek and streamlined and can be constructed in larger spaces available for kitchens. In this type of style, many modular designs are available in different colors. Designs like vira, time, crystal, mood, tiara, arnica, magnum, flux and touch etc., are available in the contemporary styled kitchens.

A nicely styled kitchen is always good to see at. And most importantly, as all the crucial works of a home are done in the kitchen, a well-designed and organized kitchen directly impacts the quality of work done in the kitchen. Read more