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Best Garden Plants for Summer Season

Creating the garden doesn’t mean that you have to spend many hours. It is just a free time activity which allows us to work according to our preferences. In gardening much capital need not to be invested. By spending a little time & effort one can create beautiful garden of their choice. Gardening has many health benefits as it purifies the air and helps us to breath in properly. Read more

Types of Garden Bench Materials and Their Uses

A garden bench makes a huge difference in your garden. It adds a miniature housesfinishing touch to your garden landscape. There are various options available for choosing the benches for your garden but, to make your garden bench long lasting you need to select the appropriate or sustainable bench material or furniture for your garden. So choose a material that suites the garden style and your requirements. Some of the materials that you can choose are:

Many garden benches come with wood furniture and those are made of various types of wood like teak, cedar, redwood, oak, etc. The durability of the wood benches may vary for the each type. Among the listed ones, teak is known for its extreme durability which can withstand to the intense weather conditions and it doesn’t require any maintenance. So, if you go for choosing durable wood benches for your garden you can choose teak though it is expensive. But, when it comes to other types of wood you need to maintain them regularly with some coatings or repellents to make them durable.

Garden benches made of stones are more of concrete material. So, when it comes to choosing the stone benches concrete gives classical accent to your garden. Most types of concrete benches are durable and doesn’t require maintenance. But, the drawback with this benches is, they crack in winter seasons. So, check even for small crack in the benches before you purchase.

Cast Iron
Cast iron benches are decorative pieces of your garden but, they are prone to rust quickly. So, before you purchase them see to it that they are coated with rust resistant powder. This increase the durability of the benches. But, cast iron benches are too heavy to place in your garden.

Resin benches are made out of recycled plastic. It has many miniature gardenbenefits like lightweight, comfortable and durable. But, they need some maintenance. Benches made of high quality resin lasts long and they can withstand to all weather conditions. They are available in variety of colors and styles. So, if you choose this resin material you will have various choices for your garden.

Aluminum is often found in the outdoor garden. They are light weight, portable, corrosion and rust resistant. These benches can last long and comes in various colors and styles. But, this benches need to be repainted at least once or twice a year. It is an economical option for your outdoor gardens.
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Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Plants

Gardening is a hobby of growing and cultivating plants. This habit fairy gardenrelieves us from stress and gives relaxation to the mind. Gardening are generally of two types. One is indoor gardening while the other is outdoor gardening. Indoor gardening refers to growing of plants in indoor such as homes or offices. Outdoor gardening is growing plants outside, in the open air.

There are some differences between indoor and outdoor gardening. These include:

Plant species
Climate greatly affects the plants to grow indoor or outdoor. Indoor plants need controlled climate. So that indoor plants grow inside as the climate can be controlled and environment can be manipulated to suit the plant requirements. Outdoor plants can withstand climate changes and can grow in open air.

Space requirementLED grow lights
Indoor plants require less space to grow where as outdoor plants require more space. Unlike outdoor plants, indoor plants can not grow to the mature size. Its growth depends on the container in which the plant is growing. Its growth is restricted by the container. The size of the container we choose for indoor planting is based on the space we have in home or office.

Every plant species require light but the amount required varies depends on the plant species. Outdoor plants require more amount of light and can get through sun light where as indoor plants gets light through windows. The lighting can be provided to indoor plants by proving artificial lights too. Some indoor plants require little sunlight and must be placed in shadow places.

Another difference between the indoor and outdoor plants is the water regulation. Indoor plants can be provided water by ourselves where as outdoor plants receive periodic water supply from rainfall. Adequate water should be provided to the indoor plants. Excess water makes the indoor plant to become susceptible to fungus which leads to damage to the plant where as outdoor plant drains the excess water. Inadequate water supply leads to the binding of indoor plant roots by their containers where as outdoor plants continue to grow in search of water.

Soil preparation
Soil preparation and maintenance is the complex one and is required for the outdoor plants. Nutrients in the soil can be diminished on repeated planting. Soil in indoor gardening will not adjust itself as in outdoor gardening.

Fertilizers are incorporated to kill the fungus that causes harm to miniature plantsthe plants. Fertilizing and disease controlling become more challenging now a days. It is difficult to incorporate fertilizers to indoor plants compared to outdoor plants. Indoor plants accumulate too much of fertilizers so care must be taken to incorporate fertilizers to indoor plants. If any disease or fungus found on indoor plant can be treated easily where as in outdoor plants it is difficult to treat.
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Types of Patio Styles for Your Home

Are you planning for a patio? Are you confused which one to choose? Here are few patio styles that you can choose for your house. Some of the patio styles are listed below.

Miniature plantsBackyard patio
Most people who prefer backyard patios construct them on the east or north side. The east location gives sun in the morning and shade in the after afternoon and when coming to the north it gives little sunlight all the day. So, depending on the requirements of the people the patios are constructed. The backyard patio may be roofed or roofless. Most of them prefer roofless backyard patios which gives them more privacy.

Front yard patio
Front yard patios act as a welcoming door and sitting place for the visitors of your house. They are near your front doors of your house. But, the front yard patios doesn’t give much privacy to the people. These patios are mostly not preferred as they create disturbance to the outdoor environment. If you want to construct a front yard patio then it will have many limitations.

Bistro patio
If you are interested in gardening, then bistro patio will be sufficient enough for you. This will be perfect patio accommodating table and chairs. This is also a kind of backyard patio and will be suitable for the snack times, breakfast, etc. A bistro patio needs only few amount of space for construction i.e., atleast 6 feet.

Courtyard patio
Courtyard patios are located in the middle of the house surrounded by walls on three sides and one side opening which acts as an entrance to the courtyard and this patio best suits in summer.

Sundeck patio
This patios are also called as sunrooms were most people relax, play games, have entertainment, etc. Sundeck patio is constructed with glass walls through which people get fresh air and sunlight all the day and it helps them stay healthy and conserves energy by providing natural light. These are usually located near the pool and are located on the front side of the home.

Living room patio
This is also a kind of backyard patio. It is a space for people to relax with family members or friends. This acts as a living room. It features a fireplace with shade structure. It should be constructed with atleast 16X18 feet dimensions.
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Pros and Cons of Aluminum Greenhouses

Among many different types of materials for greenhouses, aluminum is one which is used commonly. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of using aluminum frames for greenhouses.


  • Aluminum is a strong element requiring less maintenance. They do not rust or rot like the steel or wooden greenhouse frames. Hence, the repairs or replacement of aluminum frames for your greenhouses is often avoided.
  • It is easy to assemble aluminum greenhouses. It is even found in different colors such as green, silver, white, bronze, dark silver and charcoal. This is meant to add beauty to the frames.
  • Aluminum is so compatible and can be used with a variety of panels. You can use glass, plastic and polycarbonate window panels with aluminum framing. It also slides in whatever sort of panels you wish to use.
  • Of different materials used for greenhouses, aluminum is very light in weight and hence, is portable.
  • Aluminum greenhouses are weather resilient as they are extremely strong and also amazing to look.


  • One of the main issues with aluminum is that it is a soft metal and hence may not stand up under stress when exposed to harsh winds and heavy blows.
  • The cost of aluminum is also very high when compared to wood or other metals such as steel.
  • It does not possess any insulation value. Simply speaking, you lose a lot of heat through aluminum frames. Another features of aluminum is that it promotes formation of condensation inside the greenhouse frame.

Considering these pros and cons of aluminum is very much important when planning to build a greenhouse. Read more