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Glow Sticks: Are they Dangerous

Now a days we can hardly find parties with out glow sticks. That is no party being celebrated without glow sticks. It is so popular in the developed countries that every small occasion includes the glow stick usage. If it is that popular it is better for the people to know about the safety of… Read More »

Different Ways of Using Glow Bracelets

Parties and many recreational events are made colorful at night these days with various forms of glow sticks. Glow sticks are plastic tubes containing two different chemicals separated by a glass vial. Upon bending the tube, the glass vial breaks thereby combining them. A reaction between these two chemicals gives a glow. This light is… Read More »

Novelty Uses of Glow Sticks

Whenever you go for a party, you observe people using colorful glow sticks further adding to their enjoyment. They are used in the form of glow necklaces, glow bracelets, glow rings and so on. They can even be arranged in different ways for different uses like making of glow hats and glow costumes. Also, they… Read More »

Custom Glow Sticks used for Business Promotions

A business attains its success with satisfactory customers. However, marketing is the essential part of the business for attracting clients or customers. Newspapers, radio, TV and online advertisements are the different traditional marketing methods. There is a new and innovative way to market or promote your business using glow sticks. A glow stick is a… Read More »

Want to Know About Glow Jewelry?

Glow products are fashionable these days for jewelry. Glow sticks are one of them which are available in many forms. A glow stick is a plastic stick that contains two chemicals separated by a glass tube. When the tube is bent, the glass tube breaks and combines the two chemicals. A chemical reaction takes place… Read More »