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Glow Sticks: Are they Dangerous

Now a days we can hardly find parties with out glow sticks. That is no party being celebrated without glow sticks. It is so popular in the developed countries that every small occasion includes the glow stick usage. If it is that popular it is better for the people to know about the safety of the product. Many people are still in the confusion whether glow sticks are dangerous or not. Let us have a quick look on different things and at the end it is your turn to decide whether they are dangerous or not.

  • Glow stick becomes dangerous when it is ingested. Since it contains some chemicals see to it that the chemicals are not consumed. Even though the chemicals used in glow stick are non toxic and less powerful than many of the detergents used in our home they still cause some adverse effects when taken orally.
  • If the liquid inside the glow stick is spilled out it may cause some allergic reactions, skin irritation and swellings.
  • The chemicals leave stains on your clothes when not washed immediately after spilling.
  • Since children have the tendency to put every thing in their mouth, it is dangerous to them if they bite the glow sticks. Even pets do the same. So it is always better to put such things away from both of them.
  • More controversy exists in the usage of glow sticks because it is not environmental friendly. The plastic once used for glow sticks is not recyclable and it takes years and years to decompose.
  • The chemicals when spilled also cause some damage to the environment.
  • Somebody say that their eyes are more sensitive to the light emitted by glow sticks.

So, from the above statements it is quiet clear that glow sticks are safe enough if we play a safe game with them. If you do some thing worse with them they will show dangerous effects is the bottom line.

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Different Ways of Using Glow Bracelets

Parties and many recreational events are made colorful at night these days with various forms of glow sticks. Glow sticks are plastic tubes containing two different chemicals separated by a glass vial. Upon bending the tube, the glass vial breaks thereby combining them. A reaction between these two chemicals gives a glow. This light is colorful when special fluorescent dyes are used in glow sticks. Glow necklaces and glow bracelets are the common pieces of glow sticks that are in use for different purposes.

Glow bracelets are 6-8 inch glow sticks. They are available in different colors like purple, yellow, green, white, red, blue, orange, and green. Children and youth are more excited to wear colorful glow bracelets on their wrists. Apart from the traditional uses of glow bracelets for wearing in the hand, they can be used in different ways.

You can use glow bracelets for decorative purposes. Parties, especially kids’ birthday parties, include balloons. However, when you are arranging the party in dark, glow balloons make it more attractive. You can fill balloons with colored glow sticks and arrange in the party. Decorating the garden fencing of your home with glow balloons when hosting a night party is also a wise option. Arranging the glow sticks in the form of a ball and giving it to your kids make them more exciting. Kids love to wear glow bracelets at parties. Toys are the other things that kids love a lot. So attach glow bracelets to their toys to make them more enjoyable. They can be used as safety and alternate sources of light at emergencies. Wearing a glow bracelet when traveling in dark gives you certain light and also provides safety. You can even attach glow bracelets to your costumes to make a glow costume. So, you can not only use them as accessories for clothing. Apart from these, there are many ways that you can use glow bracelets and it depends on your skill and interest to use them.

Novelty Uses of Glow Sticks

Whenever you go for a party, you observe people using colorful glow sticks further adding to their enjoyment. They are used in the form of glow necklaces, glow bracelets, glow rings and so on. They can even be arranged in different ways for different uses like making of glow hats and glow costumes. Also, they are used for decoration and safety purposes. Apart from these various things, there are many novelty uses of glow sticks. Have a look at some of them.

  • You can wear different forms of glow sticks at Halloween party. You can even make some tricks with them when dancing.
  • They can also be a great and entertaining game for kids. Children are excited to play with glow sticks. Colorful glow sticks can be hidden at various places throughout the house. Then, you can ask the kids to go around the house and collect them. The one who collects more glow sticks would be the winner.
  • You can join glow sticks with other glowing products at a concert or a festival.
  • They even make the night of the New Year’s eve extra special.
  • Glow sticks can be attached to rollerboards and skateboards to give them a futuristic and cool look.
  • Using glow sticks in night swimming with friends adds great fun.
  • Glow sticks are popularly used for decoration purposes even. You can even add colored glow sticks to your fish tank.
  • Night skiing alone gives a feel of thrill and excitement. Wearing glow sticks during night skiing can add more fun. Also, they allow you to be viewed by others in the dark and even make perfect sense.
  • One interesting way to use glow sticks is to attach glow sticks to your kite. You can enjoy watching your kite glowing like stars in sky.

Therefore, purchase wholesale glow sticks and get your own ideas to use different colored glow sticks.

Custom Glow Sticks used for Business Promotions

A business attains its success with satisfactory customers. However, marketing is the essential part of the business for attracting clients or customers. Newspapers, radio, TV and online advertisements are the different traditional marketing methods. There is a new and innovative way to market or promote your business using glow sticks.

A glow stick is a plastic tube having two chemical substances that on reaction produce light. There are various types of glow products like glow necklaces, glow badges, glow bracelets that serve as the promotional products. Imprinting the business logo, trade marks, trade names and others on glow sticks called custom glow sticks is an attractive and new way of marketing. You can distribute them at trade shows, new product launching shows and presentations.

It is very hard to catch the ads on journals, magazines, and TV. However, custom glow sticks are entertaining and natural attention catching. An instant and strong impression can be created by a custom glow stick on people. A glow stick comes in eight colors with a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes. So you can make use of any of these glow sticks and turn them to your specifications as they are much flexible. Glow necklaces and bracelets are the common items that are worn on necks and wrists. Glow necklaces are about 22” long and glow bracelets are 8” long. You can combine them in different combinations with help of connectors to create the logo or brand of your company. By placing such feature at trade shows grabs the attention of people. Hence, glow sticks can have unique purposes providing much benefits.

Want to Know About Glow Jewelry?

Glow products are fashionable these days for jewelry. Glow sticks are one of them which are available in many forms. A glow stick is a plastic stick that contains two chemicals separated by a glass tube. When the tube is bent, the glass tube breaks and combines the two chemicals. A chemical reaction takes place and provides light.

Glow jewelry includes glow necklaces, glow rings, glow bracelets, glow anklets, and glow earrings. These are fashionable and used by both adults and kids at parties. The size of glow necklaces is 22 inch long and 6mm in diameter. The size of glow bracelets is 8 inch long and 5mm in diameter. Both the necklaces and bracelets are available in eight colors including red, pink, blue, green, yellow, orange, white and purple. Combination of different colors of glow necklaces and bracelets are also available. Glow necklaces can also be worn as head ribbons. In addition to glow necklaces and glow bracelets, there are other products which use glow sticks like glasses, bunny ears, glow heart, and badge which can be used as accessories.

Glow earrings and glow rings are smaller in size than the necklaces and bracelets. They are easy to assemble and wear. Other trendy fashion in glow jewelry is use of glow hoop earrings. They are similar to glow earrings and come in pairs. The hoop of earrings is formed by using 8 inch glow bracelets. As glow bracelets are available in combination of various colors, glow hoop earrings can also be obtained in various colors. Colorful glow anklets are also included in glow jewelry.

Glow jewelry are safe to use. Kids, adults and youth feel excited to wear glow jewelry at night parties. Wearing glow jewelry gives fun and also helps in identifying persons at such parties.