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When is a Post-accident Drug Testing Conducted?

Impact of employee drug abuse on an organization is seen in many ways. Some of the concerns include absenteeism, crime, violence, theft, and loss of productivity. Therefore, many companies conduct THC drug test, cocaine test, and others for detecting drug abused employees.

Drug abused employees at workplace may also result in some accidents or injuries. At such situations, drug testing is conducted on employees responsible for accidents. This is called post-accident drug testing. It is done to detect whether consumption of drugs or alcohol was the factor for occurrence of the accident. The company can be protected from liability when an employee is detected positive in the drug testing.

Post-accident drug testing is conducted when a driver is involved in an accident. It is also conducted when there are injuries requiring treatment to be done away from the site of the accident. Some situations arise where there is a fatality and at such incidents, THC drug testing and tests for other illegal drugs are conducted on a driver.

Occurrence of accidents at workplaces due to drug abused employees may affect the fame of the company. So it is necessary to avoid such accidents by conducting regular random and pre-employment drug testing.

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Know About Effect of Marijuana on Driving

THC drug test has to be conducted on employees especially in transportation department. A fail in conducting marijuana drug test may result in accidents. Marijuana has a lot of adverse effects on driving.

Skills such as alertness, ability of concentration, coordination, and reaction time are essential for safe driving. These may be affected by the use of marijuana. The effects can be seen up to 24 hours after consumption of the drug. Judging distances, reaction to signals and sounds on the road are also affected by use of marijuana. Sometimes people use marijuana along with alcohol. Consumption of such drugs can result in much serious hazards in driving. It was also found that the consumption of marijuana resulted in crashes.

The effect of marijuana usage on driving is based on certain factors such as mechanism of action, amount consumed, history of user, and other factors. The attentiveness and perception of time and speed may be affected by consuming marijuana. All these effects are seen because certain areas of brain which control movement of body, balance, coordination, memory, and sensations are affected by THC. This results in alteration of perception, cognition, balance, coordination, attention and other faculties.

The impairment of behavioral and cognitive skills related to performance of driving are based on the level or amount of drug consumed. Many accidents may be caused by consumption of the drug. Use of illicit drugs by drivers results in a number of motor vehicle crashes, reckless driving, and fatal accidents. So Drug testingshould be made mandatory for finding marijuana abused drivers. Certain programs have to be conducted to educate drivers regarding the effects of marijuana. They have to be controlled by conducting frequent marijuana tests. This may help in reduction of drug usage as well as accidents.

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Know About Post Accident Drug Testing

Employment drug testing has a significant role in safety of workplace environment. Many organizations had made it a practice for conducting employment drug testing. Pre-employment drug testing is conducted on job applicants before they are hired into the company. Many such types of drug testing are conducted by employers. Post accident drug testing is one of the types which is conducted at workplace.

A post accident drug test is conducted for testing employees after the occurrence of an accident on the job. An employee may or may not lose the job when this test is conducted. The main aim of post accident drug testing is giving protection to the company from liability in the event that the individual at the time of the accident is under the influence of drugs. It means that the company is saved from paying for some misapprehensions that happen, such as accidents. An argument can be made in the court that the person was intoxicated on job.

Employment drug testing is done in many ways using hair, urine, saliva, and blood. Certain types of tests such as pre-employment drug testing and random drug testing may be conducted by all of these samples. However, during post accident drug testing only blood and saliva samples are taken for tests. This is because the present or recent use of drug is detected in using saliva or blood samples. Conducting post accident drug testing helps in reducing the number of on-site job accidents.

Post-accident drug testing is done with the aim of detecting the present drug use by an employee. Sometimes the decision is taken immediately after the result is out. However, sometimes it takes a lot of time for taking any action on the concerned employee. Certain tests conducted on the spot may give positive result. But action has to be taken against the person only after conducting a laboratory test.

This type of employee drug testing is common in transportation industry. Many of the drivers are under the influence of drugs while driving. Suddenly if an accident occurs, post accident drug testing is conducted and proper action is to be taken on the driver. Certain citation is received by the driver under some state and local laws based on the injury and fatality.

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Benefits of Home Drug Test Kits

Drug kits are kits which are used to know whether a person is using drugs or not. They are easy to use and cost effective as well. Using home drug kits is the effective way to parents, in order to confirm about their children drug abuse.

Parents can take some needed measures and send them to treatment programs in order to keep their children from drugs. A drug test kit helps to parents to find out the drug use of their children at early stage. So they prevent them from drug addiction easily. There are some benefits of the home drug kits, such as:

Privacy: Home drug test kits helps the parents to have the privacy in testing drug abuse of their children. It can be an issue that drug use with in domestic premises or relatives. It also provide accurate and quick results apart from the privacy.

Easy to handle: It is easy for every one to handle the drug testing kit. There is no need to a person to know the science.

So these are the main advantages of the home drug kits, and they are effective as well.

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Guidance About Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Safety of the professionals is the primary concern for any company nowadays as many of the drug abusers are employed. So in order to provide safety and harmonious environment in workplaces, many organizations are conducting drug tests.

Pre employment drug testing became common in many organizations. Employers can also save the money on medical costs and accidents of employees, who use drugs. Drug abusing employees can not concentrate on the work, so the productivity can be reduced. Pre-employment drug testing prevents the drug abusing employees to get into the organization.

Today, there are many drug testing kits available in the market that help in conducting the pre-employment tests. Certain factors like cost, feasibility and appropriateness determine the drug tests. The drug testing can be reliable, but results of the drug tests may not accurate, which can be conducted without having procedural and technical safeguards. The Department of Health and Human Services has developed some mandatory guidelines for Federal Workplace drug testing programs. Employers need to follow such guidelines to ensure about all possible safeguards of the employees and applicants as well.

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