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When is a Post-accident Drug Testing Conducted?

Impact of employee drug abuse on an organization is seen in many ways. Some of the concerns include absenteeism, crime, violence, theft, and loss of productivity. Therefore, many companies conduct THC drug test, cocaine test, and others for detecting drug abused employees. Drug abused employees at workplace may also result in some accidents or injuries.… Read More »

Know About Effect of Marijuana on Driving

THC drug test has to be conducted on employees especially in transportation department. A fail in conducting marijuana drug test may result in accidents. Marijuana has a lot of adverse effects on driving. Skills such as alertness, ability of concentration, coordination, and reaction time are essential for safe driving. These may be affected by the… Read More »

Know About Post Accident Drug Testing

Employment drug testing has a significant role in safety of workplace environment. Many organizations had made it a practice for conducting employment drug testing. Pre-employment drug testing is conducted on job applicants before they are hired into the company. Many such types of drug testing are conducted by employers. Post accident drug testing is one… Read More »

Benefits of Home Drug Test Kits

Drug kits are kits which are used to know whether a person is using drugs or not. They are easy to use and cost effective as well. Using home drug kits is the effective way to parents, in order to confirm about their children drug abuse. Parents can take some needed measures and send them… Read More »

Guidance About Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Safety of the professionals is the primary concern for any company nowadays as many of the drug abusers are employed. So in order to provide safety and harmonious environment in workplaces, many organizations are conducting drug tests. Pre employment drug testing became common in many organizations. Employers can also save the money on medical costs… Read More »