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Types of Denture Relines and Their Uses

A dental relining is resurfacing the surface of the teeth with a new material. Dental relining can be done in two ways one is the direct way and the other is indirect way. This is necessary because the tissues or bones of your teeth may change from time to time. By this, the dentures that… Read More »

Know All About Invisalign

Invislign is a way of straightening your teeth with invisible braces without using any metal strips or wires that are visible. This treatment will slowly straighten your teeth using a sires of plastic aligners or trays. It is prior to orthodontics and alternative to traditional methods. Through this treatment you can have perfect smile on… Read More »

Evaluation Tests Before Dental Implantation

A dental evaluation test is a must before getting the dental implantation surgery because it determines whether you are a suitable candidate for implants or not. This evaluation will usually include medical history, and other necessary tests. The evaluation tests that are needed to prepare for the process are: Medical history Clinical examination with palpation… Read More »

Canker Sores – Types, Causes and Treatment

Canker sores are the white color round sores that appear on cheeks, lips, gums and under tongue. These are non contagious which means they do not spread by sharing things of candidate with canker sores. Types of canker sores: Major canker sores: These are less commonly seen. These have irregular edges and are large and… Read More »