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Canker Sores – Types, Causes and Treatment

Canker sores are the white color round sores that appear on cheeks, lips, gums and under tongue. These are non contagious which means they do not spread by sharing things of candidate with canker sores. Types of canker sores: Major canker sores: These are less commonly seen. These have irregular edges and are large and… Read More »

Classification of Dental Sedatives and Anesthetics

Sedatives and anesthetics are used before dental surgery to reduce sensitivity to pain. Sedatives Vs Anesthetics Sedatives are the substances that relieves the patient’s anxiety and helps to relax and sleep. Anesthetics are the agents which reduces sensitivity to pain by blocking the nerves. Classification of dental anesthetics: Dental anesthetics are based on level of… Read More »

What are the Painful Effects of Braces?

In orthodontic treatment, the orthodontist uses the braces for fixing the teeth in order to straighten, fill gaps between the teeth of orthodontic patients. Orthodontic patients are the people who have irregularities in their teeth. These irregularities can be removed by the orthodontic devices called braces. Orthodontic braces help the patient look beautiful with nice… Read More »