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Aluminium Car Body Vs Steel Car Body

In the automotive industry, the debate on which car body is better, aluminium or steel, is still ongoing. Many people still have this question in their mind whether to go for aluminium car body or steel car body. So, here we have came up with an article that will give you a clear picture on both the car bodies.

Car manufacturers are trying to develop cars that are light weight, fuel efficient and the pricing is more affordable. To meet the above requirements which material is best suited, aluminium or steel? Continue reading.

Comparison between aluminium and steel car body:
Car manufacturers are using aluminium for more than 100 years, and the metal is still being used for manufacturing car body. It was in 1899, the first car made of aluminium body was unveiled at an international motor show in Berlin.

Now, as the technology has developed aluminium has also came up with an advanced high-tensile alloys that can replace steel. It is evaluated that 1kg of aluminum can replace 2kgs of steel, this leads to the reduction of car weight. There are many benefits of using aluminum car body which are stated below.

Ducker’s findings about aluminium car body:
According to Ducker’s finding, car bodies with aluminium composition will increase to 18% in the next 10 years. According to a new report commissioned by aluminium association, by 2025, 75% of USA pickups will be aluminium bodies.

When it comes to steel it has lesser benefits over aluminum. It has less chances in near future when compared to aluminum as of now. But studies and researches made by some industry experts say that, steel car body in the coming future will be of light weight as same as aluminium car body today. It also addresses that steel can meet all the challenges which are critical in manufacturing process.

Studies also revel that, if industries incorporate FSV technology, car manufacturers can avoid using costly alternatives to steel.

What Cees ten Broek has to say about the steel project:
Cees ten Broek, Director of WorldAutoSteel, the automotive group of the World Steel Association stated that, the light-weighting steel project which is using flexible steel design and Advanced High-Strength Steels (AHSS) can meet all the challenges like improving fuel economy and also reduces green-house gas emissions.

Steel baron Lakshmi N Mittal, the Chairman and CEO of ArcelorMittal, said that steel can provide weight reduction through which auto manufacturers can satisfy fuel efficiency standards. So in near future we can expect more of steel car bodies.

Benefits of aluminum car body over steel car body

  • Aluminium has lower density when compared to metals like steel and iron.
  • Car body made of aluminium is lighter and results in better fuel economy.
  • It has resistance to corrosion.
  • It has high strength and also energy absorption is controlled.
  • Aluminium is recyclable. Aluminium Association says, 75% of aluminium produced since 1888 is still used today.
  • Aluminium is stronger.
  • Reduces green house gases emission.
  • Resale value will be high
  • Aluminium has electrical and thermal conductivity.
  • It has great amount of durability.

Benefits of steel car body over aluminium car body

  • Steel is safe and uses less energy compared to competing materials like aluminium.
  • Steel provides improved crash protection.
  • Steel car bodies is easily repaired, whereas aluminium takes much time and cost to repair.
  • Cars with steel body has less carbon dioxide emissions, whereas in aluminium carbon dioxide emission is five times more.
  • Cars made of steel body are less expensive than aluminium car bodies.
  • Electricity consumption of steel is less than aluminium.
  • Steel is recyclable.
  • Steel car body joints are stronger than aluminium and if any damage happens the welding can’t be done easily.
  • Aluminium is harder to re-shape and when accidents happen the damage is more. But it is not the case with steel, it can remould easily.
  • Maintenance cost of steel is less when compared to aluminium.

Bottom line:
By seeing the above facts it can be concluded that aluminium will lead the car production industry if steel can’t come up with advanced technologies.

Why Changing the Power Steering Fluid in Your Car is Essential

Every morning we need to go to our office or travel to some places using automobiles. To move from one place to another we need a vehicle.

Having car has become essential for daily commute. However, it is important to know that the lifespan of a vehicle can be increased only by maintaining it properly. One of the main car maintenance factors is power steering fluid. Power steering fluid is a hydraulic fluid which sends power to power steering in a car. This part helps in driving your car with less effort. The power steering fluid should be checked regularly in a car for smooth running of the car. This article discusses the importance of changing power steering fluid regularly.

To avoid wear and tear of power steering components
In a power steering system, the fluid is the cheapest component. We need to change the fluid by avoiding wear and tear of the components in a car. This increases the lifetime of a car.

After a period of time the seals, O-rings and internal power steering components will wear out. When the components break, the power steering fluid will be contaminated, which makes the power steering harder resulting in breakdown of the system.

Dirty power steering fluid will reduce steering power
The power steering fluid should be pure. A dirty and polluted power steering fluid can damage the performance of the steering in car. Get your car serviced to avoid these problems. Dirty power steering fluid can cause noise while steering by making the steering harder and seals are hardened thus causing leakage and wear and tear of the system.

The level of power steering fluid must be maintained to avoid leakage
The power steering fluid must be checked once a month when the car is warm. If the level of the fluid is low then there might be leakage, this makes the steering difficult and also damages the power steering pump. Change the power steering fluid for every 50,000 miles or every three years. You need to give your power steering system for servicing because repair to power steering components is very expensive.

Use only recommended oil for your car
Use the oil as suggested by owner’s manual, which is recommended for your car. If you hear a noise while steering then your power steering pump might have failed. If any leakage occurs, you should check the level of power steering fluid and make sure it is filled up but do not overfill your reservoir. If the reservoir is not having enough oil, it makes the steering very difficult. You may have to replace the power steering or their will be no steering thus making it more difficult to drive.
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How to Choose Right Seat for Children in Your Cars?

Adults can seat or adjust in a car seat but many parents confuse when choosing right seats for children in the car. However, for parents, keeping children in a safe state, it is the top most priority while they all are traveling together. There are many seats available in the market for children. Seats available in the market are convertible seats, booster seats, and combination seats. Some seats have special features with cup holders and detachable pillows for security and convenience. If you are thinking about how to choose a right seat for your children and what the leading causes for children accidents are, read the following.

The report of Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says that the main cause of death of children below 12 years is motor vehicle accidents. Over the past six years, many children below 12 years and youngsters were killed and some are injured in accidents. Due to the child restraining-rule made by the NHTSA, many lives have been saved over the past two years.

However, we all know that parents’ top priority is safety while driving on roads. They need, therefore, to do everything to protect the lives of children while driving. By choosing the right seat for children, parents can mostly secure their children every time when they are driving.

The effective way to keep your children safe in a moving vehicle is to use the child seat properly. While driving, adults should wear seat belts and should give the right seats for children to keep them in a safe position along with you. But, you need to check the features of different seats available in the market and choose the seat according to your needs. You can also take help of seat-sellers in choosing seats.
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Signs for Your Car Engine Trouble

In some cases, vehicles behave like people. Often, time trucks and cars roll and do what they have to do, there is no stalling and no complaining. When people get sick like cold or flu, etc., it reveals some signs even they don’t tell us anything. The same logic applies in automobiles thing as well. You can identify some of the problems with your regular experience of driving your car. Those problems are like at start up, changing the gear, etc. In this article, we will discuss some signs that indicate the engine trouble.

  • Smoke signals: The smoke can either come from front or back of your vehicle. Either front or back it is not good. If there is any problem, the tail pipe of your vehicle emits colored smoke as an indicator.
    • White: When there is a damaged cylinder head or a blown head gasket, a lot of white smoke comes from the tailpipe. When the engine running hot due to water and coolant entering the combustion chamber, white smoke will come. Check the oil filler cap and engine oil dipstick for any tan goo or creamy brown. If you find something like this, it means there are coolant and water in your oil. In the radiator, check the coolant level when the engine is cold, because it is probably low.
  • Black: If there is a black smoke, it indicates that your engine is running rich. In most cases, it means for repairs but not for rebuilding. The repairs required for air or fuel mixture that entering into the combustion chamber. In simple terms, improper mixture of air and fuel results in black smoke emission. Sometimes the black smoke indicates serious engine troubles.
  • Blue: Engine oil is the reason for blue color smoke. There can be several components inside the engine to happen for blue smoke but the basic is same. From intended passageways, oil escape and burn along with fuel. The best thing to do in this case is take the car for repair for any damaged or worn seals.
  • Bad smell from exhaust: This means not always cars exhaust good smells. Today most cars run without emitting much unpleasant smoke. If your car exhausts a different smell or bad, it is the time to take your car to your mechanic. They can rule out if there is any serious problem.
  • Noises: When the car speeds up, your car engine is making knocking sounds means something as a bad gas. Sometimes, it can cause a serious damage to your engine. Check at your repair shop.

If you have any problems with your engine do not neglect with that problem. This is because in many cases, serious damages to the engines can be prevented. If you ignore the problem, it can cause a serious problem, which makes the repair bill big.
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Buying a New Car or Used Car?

Purchasing a car requires a decision to be made, whether to buy a brand new car or a used car? Both new and used car has its own advantages and disadvantages. To help you in taking decision, consider the following pros and cons for new as well as a used car.

Buying a new car
There are many reasons why people prefer buying a new car:

1) Peace of mind: If serviced properly and regularly, your new car will remain mechanically sound for many years. Moreover, new cars are less likely to breakdown when comparing to used cars. Nowadays, car manufacturers are offering competitive warranties that extend from three to five years. This alone can make a brand new car an appealing option.

2) No hassles of maintenance: A new car does not require maintenance for at least 1000 miles and just require changing oil. However, mostly maintenance charges are covered by the manufacturers. Moreover, a new car need not require changing tires, batteries or brakes during first few years of purchase.

3) Latest features: New car comes with latest features. If these are on top priority for you, then your decision to purchase a new car is worth. For example, old model cars lack latest safety features and fuel economy, which nowadays every new car has.

4) Fuel economy: This feature in new cars will save you with lot of money. For example, if the car is new, the more fuel efficient it will be as manufacturers every year are working to improve the fuel efficiency of their cars.

Yet, new cars depreciate over time and its effects are mostly felt immediately in first few years after the purchase. New car loses about 40% of its value in first three years, at which depreciation point starts to slow down. This is the reason why many people prefer buying a few year old cars.

Buying a Used Car
Shopping for a used car instead of new car is less glamorous. However, buying a used car can save you with lot of money. There are many used cars available ranging from near new model car to well-maintained older vehicles. Consider the following pros and cons before buying a used car:


  • Used cars avoid depreciation faster: new car commit you to pay the price of the car that will be depreciating faster in first few years after purchase. For avoiding this, used cars can be amazing. If you purchase a pre-owned car, then you need to pay for the car, which will depreciate slowly.
  • Getting more for less: Used car allows the buyer to enjoy the benefits of a nicer car at low cost.
  • Buying a used car allows you to drive home immediately: In case of new cars, you need to order for the car and wait for its arrival that might take some time, which you might not prefer if you want it urgently. However, if you are buying a used car, you can drive the car home immediately.


  • Lack of latest safety features: Many old or used cars lack basic feature like power steering. These vehicles lack latest features like air bags, antilock brake system etc.
  • No warranty: A used car does not offer warranties, but depending on how old the car is, the car may be remaining with original warranty of factory.
  • Issues of repair: You need to spend lot of money on the used car. A used car succumbs to more wear and tear. Maintenance is required in order to upkeep the car.
  • No access to the vehicle’s history: When you purchase a used car, you do not have access to the car’s history. Some used cars may have had number of owners, and each owner may not be aware of how the car was maintained, serviced and used by other owners.

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