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Pros and Cons of Standard Automobiles and Used Luxury Cars

Weighing the benefits and demerits of standard automobiles an used luxury cars can be done before purchasing them which helps out in making the right choice. In this article both the benefits and demerits are mentioned of both standard automobiles and used luxury cars.

Pros of standard automobiles

  • Selecting the right automobile: While buying a new standard automobile there will be varied options with different colors and models to be selected from.
  • If the dealer does not have the particular model or color in which you look for they can order one for you and deliver from the production line.
  • Technology: Newer vehicles have the current technology features till date which includes entertainment systems, safety systems etc
  • Outstanding condition: Being a brand new car they do have low mileage compared to used car and no previous ownership.
  • Better warranties: new standard automobile has a warranty of three years and five year warranty of power train.
  • Pricing: Car dealers generally offer incentives on new vehicles making the buyers purchase based on interest rates where generally people end paying higher interests on already owned vehicles.
  • Maintenance: Buying new car needs standard maintenance during first few years of owner ship which usually includes changing oil and rotating of tires.

Cons of standard automobiles

  • Standard: Purchasing a new standard vehicle is not a deluxe vehicle. People regret taking on standard vehicle by having to own a deluxe vehicle.
  • Depreciation: Once driven from the lot new vehicles lose their value.

Pros of used luxury cars

  • Depreciation value: Used luxury cars take less depreciation over all when compared to new standard vehicles because the previous owners took more of the depreciation.
  • More extravagance: Though being an used car both the interior and exterior of the deluxe vehicle is going to be better than the new standard models.

Good materials are used in building up the car with more power under the hood.

Cons of used luxury cars

  • Efficiency: Standard automobiles tend to be highly efficient than the luxury models where the standard models are installed with latest technology which increases the over all efficiency compared to that of pre-owned luxury vehicles.
  • Technology: Limited options will be available in the pre-owned luxury vehicles in the model, features and its manufacture type. Being an older vehicle there will be no advanced technology available as that of a new standard vehicle.
  • Maintenance/ warranty: Pre-owned vehicles have more mileage compared to new vehicles that cost more money to maintain them and are with little warranty. The repairs on the used luxury vehicle will be more expensive with respect to its spare parts.

The above data give knowledge about the benefits and demerits of owning either a standard new vehicle and an used luxury vehicle. By considering the above things one can easily make out which makes the best option while purchasing the right vehicle.
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Types of Batteries Used in Cars

Power bank or battery is one essential component of car due to which the vehicle runs. Depending on the way it is maintained its life may last longer which is usually essential for powering the lights, igniting the engine, blowing horn and playing music. But it is known that it cannot last longer for life time and needs a replacement. Hence taking care of the battery after replacing with a new one can enhances its life. Various factors have to be considered while selecting the right battery which includes durability in extreme weather conditions, right shape and size maintenance, life span, recycling procedure and warranty period. The right battery has to be selected by considering these options. There are three types of batteries available in the market such as:

Types of batteries
Low maintenance: As of the name shows that the battery needs very low maintenance compared to other batteries.

  • They are different from conventional batteries as distilled water is not present in these type and run longer without any water.
  • The level of the electrolyte present in this battery cannot be checked while the working condition can be checked by the hydrometer readings taken from each cell.

Maintenance free batteries: This type of batteries requires no maintenance and are designed to work for long periods.

  • Replacing or recharging the battery is the only option in this type of batteries and this can be known by the indicator which is fitted for showing its life span.
  • Green light shows the good working condition of the battery and if it shows red light it means that the battery is getting low.

Conventional batteries: These are also known as lead-acid batteries used in automobiles.

  • This type of batteries have to be checked very frequently once per month.
  • It is similar to liquid electrolyte and more maintenance is required compared to other types of batteries.
  • They are low in cost and last long with regular replacement of distilled water or mineral free water instead of normal tap water.

Steps to be followed while buying a car battery:

  • Select the correct battery size according to your car model by looking over the car manual.
  • Consider the group size which usually refers to the dimension outside the battery and the terminal placements. Hence pick the battery with right size and good type accordingly as high temperatures are hard on car batteries the electrolyte present in the batteries evaporate rapidly in hot climates.
  • Look for the battery that has been for less than six months on the store shelf.
  • Consider the cold cranking amps which shows the battery’s ability to start at 0 degrees F and cranking amps which tell how much current does the battery delivers to the car when at 32 degrees F.
  • Know about the reserve capacity fir the batteries.
  • Compare between the low maintenance and maintenance free batteries before buying it.

The above data give information regarding the various types of batteries mostly used in automotive and in present days all new cars are installed with maintenance free batteries which ensure problem free and a safe drive.
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Steps to Determine the Condition of Used Car before Owning

Are you willing to purchase a used car? Worried of how to determine the condition of the used car? Then, go through the following steps to find out whether the used car is in condition or not. Let us know each step in detail.

Normal and mechanical inspection of the car
The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to visually inspect all the parts of the car, and later take the help of a mechanic who can tell you the present condition of the vehicle by checking each part of the vehicle from engine to tires. It is a good idea to have a mechanical inspection, as it saves your money later. Make sure that the mechanic is expert and genuine towards the service. Once you inspect the car, check the safety features and all the other required features for the car are present or not.

Test drive
Once the inspection is completed – and everything is fine – better have a test drive. This will make you feel how comfortable the car is. You can check how it moves on the local roads, you can know if any faults are there with engine and you can check if any leaks after driving etc. This will give you a clear picture of the vehicle. Some car owners will not allow you to test drive that means they are trying to hide something from you or they are feared of their car. In such situations, you take them along with you to the drive and know about the condition of the car.

Check past reports of the vehicle
Once you are comfortable with the drive, then see all the past reports of the car and make sure that they are genuine. These reports will let you know, if the vehicle has any collisions in the past or not.

Find the VIN number of the car
After you inspect all the components of the car you should also check the vehicles VIN number of the car and make sure that it is matching with the number shown on records. This is because there is a scam called VIN cloning, here the stolen car’s VIN number is replaced with the number that is legally registered. If you purchase such kind of vehicles you may fall into troubles. So, check all these issues, if you are purchasing the used car from a private seller.
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Advantages and Limitations of an Electric Car

Conventional cars emit harmful gases that adversely affect human, animal and plant life. In an endeavor to reduce the harmful effects of pollutants and to conserve the fossil fuels, electric cars came into picture. Electric cars completely depend on electric charge stored in batteries for their power and use electric motors for propulsion. Hence, they are eco-friendly and save fossil fuels. Having so many advantages, electric cars could not become popular in the market mainly because of the limitations imposed by the batteries and few other factors.

Advantages of electric vehiclesWater pump repair

  • Electric vehicles are eco-friendly. This is the biggest advantage of electric vehicles. They do not emit harmful pollutants and do not create noise.
  • They do not rely on fossil fuels for their operation. Hence, you will save a lot of money over fuels as electrical power is relatively cheaper.
  • They require a little maintenance and they can be charged anywhere by docking the vehicle into a power socket.
  • Though the initial investment is little high, they prove to be economical in the long run.
  • Many states and countries offer tax benefits and incentives on purchase of electric vehicles.

Limitations of electric vehicles

  • Electrical vehicles are powered by batteries. The cumulative weight of the batteries is considerable. This in turn affects the performance of the vehicle as the weight has to be bore by the batteries only.
  • Frequent recharging and discharging of the batteries reduces the life of the batteries and they have to be changed over short intervals of time.
  • Their operation time is very less. They are designed to travel a maximum distance of somewhere near 100 km. So, long trips cannot be pursued on these vehicles.
  • Though charging ports are available, these vehicles take 5-6 hours to recharge the battery. Additionally, frequent recharging can reflect on your power bills in a heft way.
  • Service centers are not easily available.
  • The noiseless operation of the vehicles can be a disadvantage since people may not see them coming at blind points and it can pose risk of accidents.

Extensive research is being carried by the manufacturers to reduce the limitations in electric vehicles.
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Steps to Change Your Car’s Flat Tier

Has the car’s tier been flattened in the middle of a drive? Don’t panic. Here are some simple steps that will help you repair your car yourself and without the help of any one.

Step-1: At first park, your car in a safe place were there is a chance to park. For this, you need to check whether the surface of the place where you are parking can restrict the car. It is important for the car to stay on the surface to change the car tier.

Step-2: Get all the tools that are necessary to repair the flat tier from your car tool box in your car. Along with the tool kit, you must also bring a spare tier that you are having in the car.

Step-3: Jack up your car before you start the process for changing your car tier. For jacking up, you must bring the jack and place it in the correct position where there is no plastic at the bottom instead to get contact with metal body of the car body, Else, it gets cracked. Raise the jack until it is in a position to support the car but doesn’t lift it.

Step-4: Take a wrench from the tools and loosen the lug nuts of your car’s flat tier wheel. However, you do it you need to remove the hub cap. The wrench that you brought should match the size of the lug nuts to remove them because there are different sizes of lug nuts. Now, lift the flat tier up from the ground to remove it.

Step-5: After the tier is up and it is ready with loose lug nuts by turning in the anti-clock wise direction. You can remove all the lug nuts of the wheel. Once you remove the lug nuts, you can remove the flat tier.

Step-6: Replace the flat tier now with the spare one through proper rim alignment of the spare tier using bolts, and then finally put the lug nuts back and tighten them until they are snugly hold.

Step-7: Finally, bring back your car to normal position by bringing it down from the jack-up position and remove the jack.

You can change your tier by replacing the flattened tire with the one you have as a spare one. Make sure to keep the car maintenance kit in your car when you are on the drive.
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