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What are the Various Types of Barcode Labels used in Warehouses?

It is advantageous to use barcode systems to improve warehouse operations. Symbol barcode and others can be used for various applications like material handling, purchasing orders, packaging and so on. Different types of barcode labels are used in warehouses. They include location barcode labels, reflective barcode labels, floor barcode labels, and pallet barcode labels.

Location Barcode Labels:
As the name suggests, these labels are used to find the location of a specific item in a warehouse. These labels have registered numeric codes which are usually placed on shelves and racks with the help of durable adhesives.

Reflective Barcode Labels:
These labels are larger in size and can be read by people. Barcode scanners can scan these labels from a distance. Metal is used as a label material for creating these labels. Reflective barcode labels can be used at places where high durability is required.

Floor Barcode Labels:
These barcode labels are stuck on the floor of warehouses. Heavy vehicular traffic may be seen at warehouses. So, these labels use highly durable adhesives for permanently sticking to the floor. Metals like steel and aluminum are used for making floor barcode labels.

Pallet Barcode Labels:
Pallet barcode labels are used to tag pallets which move from one location to other. These are also made of metal as they need to withstand industrial conditions like chemicals.

These are the main types of barcode labels which are used by warehouses. Thermal transfer barcode printers are mostly used for printing them.

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Know About the Importance of Barcode Printers

A barcode is a machine readable representation of information in a visual format on a surface. Barcodes are printed on labels or tags called as barcode labels. A barcode printer which is connected to a computer is used for printing these labels. A Universal Product Code is provided according to which a label is printed. Symbol barcode is mostly used by various industries. A barcode printer should satisfy the needs of the label. Zebra printers and Wasp printers are some of the printers which are used by many industries.

A desktop barcode printer can be used for item tagging in business establishments and retail malls. Stock administration and retail systems computerization in industrial factories and big depots can be facilitated by industrial barcode printers. Normal ink-jet printers can also be sued for barcode printing. Another type of barcode printer is a laser barcode printer which is efficient when compared to the ink-jet printer. Thermal printing is the mode of printing used mostly for printing barcode labels. The most advanced types of printers used for barcodes are direct thermal barcode printer and thermal transfer barcode printer. They are considered for the best use in departmental stores.

The barcode printers should be able to provide accurate labels without errors. Various types of materials can be used for printing. Thermal barcode printers are highly efficient and accurate. High resolution output with high resolution quality is possible through these barcode printers. Good quality labels are to be printed by barcode printers that enables barcode scanners to read them easily. With advance of two-dimensional barcode technology, there is a rise in requirement of producing 2D barcode labels. Barcode printers which can print 2D barcode symbologies are also available.

Benefits of Barcode Printers

Barcodes are based on universal labeling technology, used to identify different products and services. Nowadays, barcodes are printed using most advanced technology printers. There are many types of printers which are designed specifically for certain industry purposes.

Advantages of barcode printers

  • Many printers are now using advanced technology to print high quality barcode labels, which can be read and scanned easily.
  • These new technology equipped printers, save lots of ink when compared to normal printers and with high clarity. Therefore, the need for reprinting is reduced.
  • These are cost effective.
  • Handheld barcode printers are highly preferred because of their portability. They can print any number of labels on demand.
  • Nowadays, barcode printers are coming with instructions on how to use them, for easy and safe usage of these printers by every one.
  • Modern printers have their own software installed with avoiding the purpose of installing again in their computers.
  • These printers print with high accuracy and high speed.
  • Because of their necessity in today’s business world, various barcode printing technologies have been developed, overcoming the limitations of already existing printers.
  • Zebra printers are the most popular brand of barcode printers, as they are cheap and also efficient.

Because of all these benefits, specialized barcode printers are preferred to general-purpose printers.

Some Applications Where Two-Dimensional Barcoding is Used

A barcode is an optical machine-readable representation of data that shows particular data on certain products. These barcodes are read by scanners called as barcode scanners or barcode readers. The barcodes are printed on labels by means of Zebra printers, Wasp printers, SATO printers and so on. Recently there has been an advanced technology that is being used in barcode system. It is nothing but 2D barcode system which uses specific symbology.

Different types of symbologies are used in 2D barcode system that include stacked and matrix symbologies. These symbologies have been in use in many applications. Let us know how they are used through different examples.

Tax Return:
All around the world, there would be some time when the taxes should be paid. Also there is a requirement for filing the tax returns. A tax software is to be used by a tax payer. When relevant data is entered, the program is performed that does all calculations. As soon as the task gets completed, the tax form is printed out. The data and the 2D barcode symbol that is mailed to the tax authority, can be taken by any ink jet or a laser printer. The data is captured quickly and with 100% accuracy. This can reduce the costs for paying some to enter the data. It also helps in reducing the indirect costs for both the tax payers and the government.

This system can also be applicable at instances including company excise/sales tax returns, collection of government economic statistics from business enterprises, submission of company employment information, and others.

Packing List:
Some trading partners need certain requirements that a standard methodology has to be used to encode shipping information in a 2D symbol. This can be attached to a shipped order. By this use of barcode system, the ordered data such as PO number, product codes, shipping date, quantities and so on can be directly sent to the computer terminal of the receiver in a few seconds.

Driver’s License:
For example a 2D barcode symbol is printed in a driver’s license through a printer like a Zebra printer. You may get a doubt as to what information may be present in such codes. The information regarding the driver’s name, address, license number, expiry date, and driver restriction codes are encoded on the symbol.

Information regarding the license holder can be easily taken from the symbol by police officers, hotels or any car rental agencies.

Patient Record:
Similarly a patient’s record in a hospital may be applied by a 2D barcode symbol. This may encode data like name, health care number, name of doctor, date of admission, compliant for allergies and so on. All the information can be scanned by the caregiver or a doctor and proper care and medication can be given. This may reduce the possibility of giving a wrong medicine to a patient.

Know About Designs and Technology of Barcode Printers

Barcode is an optical machine-readable representation of data that shows certain data on certain products. A barcode is to be read by a barcode scanner. The barcodes are printed on a label by means of a barcode printer.

The labels when once get printed by the barcode printer, are attached to the physical objects such as retail or shipping products. Barcode printers are generally portable and lightweight in their design. Hence they can be considered as a convenient office tool for any businesses. One of the technologies used for the barcode printing is thermal printing. It is done by a thermal barcode printer that requires thermal paper for printing. When a printhead generates heat, a reaction is caused in the thermal paper and this is where the printing process starts. From this reaction, the paper gets black in special areas for creating a barcode.

The other type is thermal transfer printer that uses heat differently. In the previous type the reaction is seen on the paper itself. Where as in this type of printing, the reaction due to heat is seen on the ribbon. The heat melts a special substance onto a ribbon. This then glides over the label. In thermal transfer printing, the ink is transferred onto the paper by the heat.

Based on the type of business, the barcode printers are designed. Zebra printers are the most commonly used printers worldwide. The barcode printers are mostly seen in office supply stores, specialty business centers, and at business liquidation sales. May it be a Zebra printer or Eltron printer the cost depends on the type of technology used. However, large barcode printers are much expensive when compared to others.