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Pros and Cons of Natural Gas Vehicles

Like vehicles run by other fuel alternatives, natural gas vehicles have their advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of natural gas vehicles.


  • Green house emissions from vehicles run by natural gas are far less than emission from gasoline vehicles. As these vehicles cause less pollution, they are less hazardous.
  • Natural gas vehicles gives consumers fuel economy. Considering price of the fuel, natural gas vehicles are best in terms of fuel efficiency.
  • Maintenance cost of these vehicles is very low. As buying a car is a long term investment, this will be a relief for natural gas vehicle owners.
  • In many countries including the United States, natural gas vehicle owners receive incentives. It is because they help curb air pollution.
  • There are a vast amount of natural gas deposits available.
  • Engines of natural gas vehicles have high compression ratio, which means fuel is almost burnt that leaves very few by products behind.

Though natural gas vehicles has its own advantages, it also has some drawbacks.

  • Implementing this technology entails high cost. Buying a natural gas vehicle will be costlier than a petroleum car. Moreover, natural gas vehicles are not popular and readily available.
  • Natural gas vehicles are not as fast as petroleum cars.
  • As these vehicles are not popular, there are only a few natural gas stations.
  • There are limited options in natural gas vehicles.
  • Natural gas vehicles have to be installed with additional components for fuel storage, which is more expensive than gasoline tanks.
  • There is lower performance of natural gas vehicle when looking at the amount of gas used in relation to mileage of the car.

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Buying a New Car or Used Car?

Purchasing a car requires a decision to be made, whether to buy a brand new car or a used car? Both new and used car has its own advantages and disadvantages. To help you in taking decision, consider the following pros and cons for new as well as a used car.

Buying a new car
There are many reasons why people prefer buying a new car:

1) Peace of mind: If serviced properly and regularly, your new car will remain mechanically sound for many years. Moreover, new cars are less likely to breakdown when comparing to used cars. Nowadays, car manufacturers are offering competitive warranties that extend from three to five years. This alone can make a brand new car an appealing option.

2) No hassles of maintenance: A new car does not require maintenance for at least 1000 miles and just require changing oil. However, mostly maintenance charges are covered by the manufacturers. Moreover, a new car need not require changing tires, batteries or brakes during first few years of purchase.

3) Latest features: New car comes with latest features. If these are on top priority for you, then your decision to purchase a new car is worth. For example, old model cars lack latest safety features and fuel economy, which nowadays every new car has.

4) Fuel economy: This feature in new cars will save you with lot of money. For example, if the car is new, the more fuel efficient it will be as manufacturers every year are working to improve the fuel efficiency of their cars.

Yet, new cars depreciate over time and its effects are mostly felt immediately in first few years after the purchase. New car loses about 40% of its value in first three years, at which depreciation point starts to slow down. This is the reason why many people prefer buying a few year old cars.

Buying a Used Car
Shopping for a used car instead of new car is less glamorous. However, buying a used car can save you with lot of money. There are many used cars available ranging from near new model car to well-maintained older vehicles. Consider the following pros and cons before buying a used car:


  • Used cars avoid depreciation faster: new car commit you to pay the price of the car that will be depreciating faster in first few years after purchase. For avoiding this, used cars can be amazing. If you purchase a pre-owned car, then you need to pay for the car, which will depreciate slowly.
  • Getting more for less: Used car allows the buyer to enjoy the benefits of a nicer car at low cost.
  • Buying a used car allows you to drive home immediately: In case of new cars, you need to order for the car and wait for its arrival that might take some time, which you might not prefer if you want it urgently. However, if you are buying a used car, you can drive the car home immediately.


  • Lack of latest safety features: Many old or used cars lack basic feature like power steering. These vehicles lack latest features like air bags, antilock brake system etc.
  • No warranty: A used car does not offer warranties, but depending on how old the car is, the car may be remaining with original warranty of factory.
  • Issues of repair: You need to spend lot of money on the used car. A used car succumbs to more wear and tear. Maintenance is required in order to upkeep the car.
  • No access to the vehicle’s history: When you purchase a used car, you do not have access to the car’s history. Some used cars may have had number of owners, and each owner may not be aware of how the car was maintained, serviced and used by other owners.

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Central Air Conditioner Vs Portable Air Conditioner

A central air conditioner and a portable air conditioner give different sets of benefits. When considering which type of air conditioner to choose, the following factors will help you choose the one that best suits your requirements.

Installation: There is a great difference between the installation processes of these units. Central air conditioners are installed permanently. A duct-work in the wall, ceiling or floor, holds the central unit. On the other hand, portable air conditioners are easy to set up because they do not require any installation, as the name suggests they are portable.

Energy consumption: There is a great variation in energy consumption of the two. A portable unit if kept in every room of a large house, it will consume more energy than a central air conditioner.

Convenience: Buildings that are difficult to renovate or reconstruct, portable air conditioners are best for such buildings. People who live on rent often prefer portable units because they can easily carry it as and when they are planning to move. When owning or constructing a house, if you are deciding to install a central unit, make sure to have provision in walls or ceilings or floor. This will help you in fixing the central air conditioner. Central air conditioning units have a good system for cooling the entire house, building, etc.

Space consumption: As the central air conditioners are attached to the duct work of wall or floor or ceiling, it does not occupy place on wall or floor as a portable unit does. Moreover, they are noiseless and comfortable when compared to portable units.

Ventilation: Portable units need some ventilation or should be installed near window to take away the moisture and if there is excess moisture, the air conditioner fails to cool the indoor air. If there is no window, you need to make provision for the window. If you are not willing to make any provision or modifications in the wall or ceiling, it is better to consider central air conditioner because it doesn’t require a window, it is simply installed to the duct work of the wall.

Maintenance: When it comes to maintenance, portable air conditioners require more maintenance than central air conditioners. It is not that central air conditioners don’t require any maintenance, they also should be maintained for efficient operation.

Warranty: Central units come with longer warranty, whereas portable air conditioners have lesser warranty period.

Before purchasing a particular air conditioner, get to know about the pros and cons of it as it will help you in deciding the best.
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Pros and Cons of Buying a Used Car

Many people are opting for cars to commute to different places. Selection of a car represents a person’s style, taste, character and economic status. Depending on the financial status, some people buy newer cars or some people buy used cars. The people who want to buy used cars may have various reasons like they wanted to save money, and choosing a certain car model which they would not afford to buy. Like other cars, buying used cars too will have some pros and cons.


  • Less expensive for smaller vehicles compared to the bigger cars. Therefore people can afford the smaller cars.
  • Ownership expenses and collision insurance and taxes are lower.
  • It will have all equipment.
  • A used car would allow you to purchase other accessories such as air conditioning.
  • There is no depreciation in the value of used cars.
  • You have to pay less to insure a used vehicle.


  • If you are not knowledgeable enough, the dealer distracts you and you end up paying more than worth.
  • Legal protection is limited.
  • Reliability problem exists in late model cars.
  • For used cars, there is either closer warranty time or no warranty at all. As years pass on, you have to spend a lot of money on repairs.
  • A car with a great history can also be a risky when it was abused by a previous owner.
  • Interest rates are higher on used cars.
  • There will not be any latest safety features in the past used models.

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Comparison Between Car Purchasing – Online vs Offline

Today the internet growth has been increased as many users are using continuously and the speed of the internet also increased, so the online shopping also increased, as the trends shows variety of items, models, styles etc on online. So let us compare the online shopping with the offline.

  • There will be many benefits compare to the offline shopping
  • The online shopping is cheaper and the offline shopping make you more money, because the online stores do not have the mortar shops and also overhead of the brick and they face competition around the world prices, so they are cheaper compared to the local shops.
  • The online give variety of options but the offline shows what ever the dealer has.
  • Online shopping is a quicker process, while the offline shopping is a slow process. It is also relevant and accurate compared to the price
  • Online does not give the ability to see and touch the car, but in offline there will be a chance to see, touch and even test drive the car
  • Online shopping gives you all the features that you want in car very quickly, but the offline car buying will not give all the features some times you need to wait and some times you have adjust with the available features.
  • Online will not provide you personal contact but the offline will provide you personal contact.
  • Online shopping gives more convenience than offline shopping because the online shopping will be 24 hours and the offline will be in the day time that is according to the owners wish.
  • The inventory on the online will be more extensive than offline store.

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