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Different Types of Ventilation Systems

The ventilation system is mainly classified into two types depending upon the movement of air flow inside the work place. These two kinds have their own advantages and disadvantages. The two kinds are – dilution type ventilation system and the local exhaust type ventilation system. The local exhaust system is a bit costly system than the dilution ventilation system.

Dilution Type

  • As the term says ‘dilution’, the air inside the working area is mixed with the fresh air in order to make the contaminated air less polluting to the people inside the working area.
  • This type of ventilation system is generally used when the working area is less and the polluted air is not chemically toxic.
  • The working of this type is very simple. It uses a simple exhaust fan which directs the air to flow from one direction to another direction i.e. from the more polluted side of the work place to the less polluted side.
  • One of the limitations of the dilution ventilation system is that the contaminants are not completely removed from the work area. This may have an effect on the people when they have long term exposure to the moderately contaminated air.
  • So, it may not be effective in industries which deal with poisonous gases. As the system uses a simple exhaust fan to blow the air, it may not direct the air completely inside the work area.
  • It also requires large amount of fresh air that has to be circulated inside the work area.

Local Exhaust Type

  • In local exhaust type, the ventilation system is fixed at the beginning of the source of contaminated air where it completely sucks the polluted air and discharges it outside.
  • In this type, the contaminated air is replaced with the fresh air. It uses a series of tubes, a hood which absorbs the contaminated air, an air cleaner, and a couple of fans.
  • Local exhaust type is usually used when the contaminated gases are more toxic that may cause series of health problems with minute exposure to the gas. In most of the pharmaceutical industries this kind of ventilation system is used in order to remove the contaminated air in the work place.
  • Some limitations of this type are that it is of high cost and maintenance should be done regularly.
  • A skilled person is required for cleaning the parts of the system and for its maintenance.
  • As the parts of the system are exposed to the toxic gases, they may get corroded. Installation is a bit difficult when compared to the dilution type.

Depending on the work place and the level of contamination in the industry, a right ventilation system has to be installed.

Employment Law Vs Workers Compensation Law

As employment law and workers compensation law are both related to people and their work place it is common to use them interchangeably. But they are key distinctions between these areas of law.

Employment law deals with factors such as:

  • Discrimination: Employers cannot treat employees differently Legal billing softwareaccording to color, gender, race, religion, disabilities and origin.
  • FMLA violations: Employers with more than 15 employees must follow the FMLA regulations that basically entitles individuals to 12 weeks of unpaid leaves if the employee has certain reasons for medical conditions.
  • OSHA: Occupational safety and health administration violations are the federal safety violations when an employer neglects to shield military base employees, offshore and long shore employees, federal staff etc.
  • Harassment: This includes any behavior meant to upset or disturb an employee at work place.
  • Wage and hour disputes: These disputes include failure to pay, unpaid time and illegal distribution of tips during tips. Problems involving freelance contractors, mis-classification of employees also falls in to this employment category.
  • Retaliation: Federal laws prohibit entities from reciprocating against a person who participates in discrimination, opposes an unlawful employment practices and files a charge of discrimination.

Workers compensation laws:

  • Workers compensation provides insurance cash benefits or medical care for employees who become ill or injured as a result of their job.
  • Employers pay for this and shall the employee is not required to contribute to the cost of compensation.
  • In a workers compensation none of the parties is determined as a culprit and the amount the claimant receives is not increased by the employers fault or employees carelessness
  • However the employee loses their right to workers compensation if the injury results from his/ her intoxication from alcohol or drugs or the intent to injure self.
  • Workers compensation is specially designed to ensure that employees who are disabled or injured on the job are eliminated with the need for litigation by providing fixed monetary awards. Also they provide benefits to dependents of those employees who are killed because of work related illnesses and accidents.
  • Some laws also protect employers and workers by limiting the amount an injured worker can recover from an employer and by eliminating the liability of coworkers in most accidents.
  • Federal statutes are limited only to federal employees or workers employed in some aspect of interstate commerce.

Few laws under workers compensation act:

  • Federal employment liability act(FELA): it provides that rail roads committed in interstate commerce are responsible for injuries to their workers if they have been negligent.
  • Merchant marine act provides sea men with the protection from worker negligence as FELA provides to rail road workers.
  • The federal employment compensation act: It provides compensation for federal and non military employees. It acts covers expenses due tot disability and may require the worker to undergo job retraining. A disabled employee receives two thirds of his/ her monthly salary and may receive more amount for permanent physical injuries.
  • Black lung benefits act provides compensation for miners suffering from black lung. This act requires liable mine operators for disability payments and also establishes fund by the secretary of labor.
  • The long shore and harbor workers compensation act provides compensation to employees of private maritime employers.

The above article gives information about employment law and workers compensation act.
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Pros and Cons of Choosing Online Auto Loan Companies

Previously, people used to get their auto loans through banks and dealerships. But, recently the alternative choice for many people is the online auto loan companies, for they save their time. Online auto loans benefit people in many ways. However, there are some drawbacks associated with that. So, before you go for online auto loans, you must be aware of their pros and cons – so that it will help you later.

The pros
Easy quotes
The main benefit of online auto loan companies is – they help the people in saving lot of their time spent on going around in search of good deal to get the loan for their vehicle. Traditional method needs a lot of time to be spent on calling lenders and going through the eligibility information, but when it comes to online auto loans, this can be done by just a web input form and get all the information required for you within minutes. Many of the online companies give quotes for free of cost.

Supportive information
Along with the quotes, the buyers can get a lot of supportive information regarding how they can get the loan – the entire procedure and documents required etc. This really helps the buyers in making comparison between various online auto loan companies; and finally they can get the best deal.

Fast service
Based on the credit, your car loan will be approved. It will just take days to get the final approval of the loan, if you have good credit. Meanwhile, you will be getting a pre-approval for ex-amount of money. This means that you need to apply for the lender standards, before the final approval.

Competitive prices
In online you can go through many lenders who are competing for the business. This will help you to get the good and affordable possible rate. Many companies will be ready to give you quotes and you should at least get the best 3, which your credit score allows.

The cons
Lack of customer service
Sometimes the critical information may not be on the site through which you need to deal with the company. In such situations, you need to contact the company to get that information. But, it is not that easy to get the exact information in the virtual deals. This may make lot of difference after the deal.

There is lot of possibilities for online scams in auto loans. Some less credible companies may use your personal information which you have provided in the online for marketing and for other purposes. Sometimes they pass your information to the third-parties. So, trusted companies are very important to get the auto loans, online.

Along with these factors, you may not also know whom you are dealing with i.e., the third-parties or the real company. If it is the third-party, they may increase the interest rates of the loan without any such intention of the company.

These are some of the pros and cons of the online auto loan companies. So, be aware of all this factors and decide what to choose.
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Inlays and On-lays for Repairing Damaged Teeth

Dental in-lays and on-lays provide several purposes and treatment options for various dental restorative services. They repairs the rear teeth that have been damaged or fractured. They are generally made of tooth colored material and used to replace the traditional form of metal fillings for a natural appearance. On-lays are used to treat larger surface areas and inlays used for treating the indented top surfaces of teeth.

The treatment procedure

  • An inlay or on-lay procedure can be completed in to dental visits.
  • In your first visit, dentist prepares the damaged tooth and a modeled impression will be taken and sent to a dental laboratory where the inlay or on-lay is manufactured.
  • Inlays and on-lays are usually made of materials such as porcelain or resin, gold materials. The difference is in their appearance of the final completed restoration.
  • A temporary inlay or on-lay in the shape of final restoration can be created during the first visit for protecting the tooth, while the final restoration is being fabricated.
  • In case of back molars opting for gold inlays/ on-lays makes the best option.
  • Inlays/ on-lays made up of porcelain are mostly used in the smile line areas.
  • Resin made inlays/ on lays best suits for people who grind their teeth and with misaligned bite.
  • During the second visit, the temporary restoration will be removed and the permanent inlay/ on-lay is placed.
  • Dentist check for all margins to make sure that a smooth fit with tight adjacent contact occurs.
  • Also they check for bite issues to ensure that no occlusion problems affect the margins of restoration.
  • Once the restoration is fitted/ bonded on to the tooth, the margins are well polished.

Benefits of inlays and on-lays

  • Easier cleaning of tooth: Due to the proper tailored fit and with minimum preparation, teeth can be cleaned easily. Prefabricated inlays and on-lays doesn’t shrink during the curing process.
  • Tooth color: Inlays and on-lays boast up longevity and are not likely to discolor over a period of time.
  • Superior fit: Inlays and on-lays offers a reactionary preparation that preserves healthy tooth as much as possible. They provide a great option if you have minimal to moderate decay that extends to flossing area, thus offering an alternative to full covering crowns.
  • Safeguarding the tooth structure: They help to preserve maximum tooth structure while restoring damaged or decayed areas thus ensuring functional longevity.
  • Protecting the weak tooth: On-lays protect the weak areas of tooth and the procedure does not require complete tooth reshaping.
  • Stability and strength: Inlays and on-lays make stable restorative solutions for the decay treatment. Durable material and superior fit make them a stable choice for strengthening up a damaged tooth.
  • Tight space fulfillment: Inlays can be considered if you have cavity between your teeth as of they are better at sealing the teeth to keep out bacteria. They will not stain, are easy to clean and offer durability.

Dental inlays/ on-lays improves the health of your teeth and appearance of your smile and treatment requires no downtime.
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Mouth Guards: Functions & Types

Mouth guards also known as mouth protectors helps to protect the lips, teeth and other parts of the mouth from various injuries. It is generally an adjustable device made out of plastic.

Functions of mouth guard
Following are few functions of mouth guards:

  • Mouth guards act as shock absorbers between the jaws of lover and upper teeth.
  • It helps to prevent injuries caused due to fractures in the neck, jaw and cerebral region.
  • Athlete feel more confident and comfort by using mouth guards as they provide protection.
  • They also act as a night protector.
  • Lower and upper jaw can be protected from contact by using mouth guards.
  • They also helps to reduce the pain caused by temporomandibular joint.
  • It can be used for providing topical medication in case of gingivitis diseases.
  • Mouth guard helps while bleaching of teeth is done.

Types of mouth guards
The following are three type of mouth guards used :
Stock mouth guards: Ready made mouth guards will be available in shops which are low in cost but provides comfort while talking.

Custom fitted mouth guards: This type of mouth guards are made by professional dentists in laboratories by taking appropriate impressions of the teeth and molded accordingly.

  • After the mouth guard is ready it is made to kept in hot water and shaped over teeth accordingly using fingers.

Boil and bite mouth guards: This type of mouth guards are made from thermoplastic materials of ethylene- vinyl acetate and are available in various shapes that fit the user closely.

  • These are initially heated and molded to fit the jaws.

Ways to care your mouth guard

  • After every use don’t forget to rinse your mouth guard with water.
  • By using tooth paste brush it at least twice a day.
  • Never leave it in hot water or allow it under sunlight
  • Always keep the mouth guard in a firm container.
  • In case of any damage to the mouth guards change it from time to time.

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