Benefits of Using Software as a Service (SaaS)

By | March 25, 2017

SaaS stands for software as a service and it is one of the models of cloud computing. It can be considered as an on demand service. Because when an organization or an individual wants to use SaaS for a particular purpose they can avail the service from cloud service provider. The cloud service provides SaaS solution to different organizations for different purposes. It can be used by an organization for business activities or can be used by an individual for personal purpose.

It has become a most common hosting model where businesses are availing the services for their internal applications such as payroll processing, accounting, time tracking and billing, customer relationship management etc and for web based purposes like site hosting, design, website monitoring, ad-management adservers, content delivery networks etc. For the business organizations this service would be more beneficial because the SaaS applications are accessible anytime through any device. As the focus of a business is to make more customers/clients, Saas helps organizations to improve their business process and provide customers a better satisfactory service. It offers many benefits to businesses of all sizes and types.

Benefits of Using SaaS in your Business

  • SaaS helps in businesses to reduce the burden of responsibility and minimizes the workload. It integrates seamlessly with other softwares and also offers better customization to meet the specific needs of the business.
  • Comparing to traditional methods of installing the hardware and licensed software the usage of SaaS is very useful for SMBs. Since SaaS provider is responsible for complete infrastructure such as hardware, software and human resource to maintain it all, it lowers the costs of businesses.
  • Cloud service providers upgrade their services timely and are easily available for the user. And if a software is timely upgraded, dealing with a particular task will take less time. The service seekers need not worry about checking for monthly updates or upgrading the software to a better one. Saas provider is responsible for installing the patches and keeping the software updated with latest versions.
  • SaaS offers multi-tenancy infrastructure where single version of product is used to support multiple user groups. Here an application is shared among multiple customers running on the same OS, hardware and data storage. There are many applications that are available in this model and some of them are accounting software, time tracking software, Payroll systems, MS Outlook etc.
  • Since SaaS is a web based service it allows users to access the software easily from any place with internet capabilities. It allows people to work from anywhere outside the office using any device. This gives flexibility in working as people can get access through mobiles, tablets or other devices when they are away from the workplace.