How to prevent teeth from getting stained?

By | September 16, 2016

By nature we all have some flaws in our teeth. While some of the people feel bad about their broken or crooked arrangement, others worry about their dull or stained colored teeth. Our teeth can acquire stains with age or perhaps due to excess consumption of colored foods and beverages that are turning them into dark yellow tint. It is important to remember that only a pearly white teeth can make our smile bright and attractive. In order to achieve bright white teeth, people undergo many whitening treatments and follow certain precautions to protect their teeth from getting stained. There are certain tips that people can follow to avoid teeth staining and maintain their whiter smile.

Exposure to fluorides
Children at early young ages should avoid the usage of too many fluoride containing products. Getting exposed to fluoride will discolor the teeth or turn the teeth into dark or pale yellow colors. Generally dentists recommend fluoride containing toothpastes or mouthwash for children to keep their teeth healthy but excess utilization may also give adverse effects.

Staying away from stain causing foods
Studies have shown that people who consume coffee, tea, wine, berries, hard candies etc are more prone to tooth discoloration than the others who stay away from these foods. Initially the stains start with outer extrinsic surface but if proper care is not taken it can get deep inside the inner parts of the tooth pulp.

Using straw to drink beverages
While some people who strictly keep themselves away from the colored foods and drinks, others have no control on their food habits and become vulnerable to teeth problems. If you have a habit of drinking lot of beverages, it is better to use a straw which can keep the stain-causing colors away from your teeth.

Following good oral hygiene
Following a good regime of brushing, rinsing and flossing habits will reduce the risk of getting affected by the stained food. Many dentists suggest people to follow this process immediately after having food as it removes the food particles and stains that are stuck on the surface or inside the teeth.

Getting your teeth professionally checked regularly
Unless there is a major issue people generally do not prefer to go to the dentist for checkups and treatments. What they don’t realize is, having regular dental checkups will avoid the occurrence of major issues as in many cases these dental issues get identified at the early stage and are treated immediately. Hence, before complicating the issue of a normal stain into intrinsic tooth problem, it is better to have regular dental checkups for normal cleaning and whitening methods.

Avoiding tobacco and cigarettes
Prolonged usage of tobacco, cigarette or cigar can cause deep stains on your teeth and it may require some special procedures to totally get rid of them. Beyond these risks, it can also lead to other gum diseases and oral health problems. Even though people are aware of the drawbacks, they are not able to quit because they are habituated to it. The first step towards cessation process is getting some professional help who can support you to come out of this addiction.