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Differences between VPS Hosting and Cloud Server Hosting

Nowadays, apart from free, shared, VPS and dedicated hosting services, a new form of hosting called cloud server hosting has become popular. VPS and cloud hosting seems similar at first glance. But, there are a lot of differences between these two types, in many aspects. So, if you are planning to choose anyone of them for your website hosting, you must have a clear idea of the differences between these two types of hosting. So, let’s know them in brief.

A VPS is a server which is divided into various portions for hosting the websites of different customers. It is same as shared hosting; but, it has its own unique characteristics. In VPS hosting, the server is big and divided into only a few portions, where the customer has great freedom to make changes in their portion of server allocation. However, cloud server is different from VPS and is a cluster of multiple servers. In cloud server, the customers using multiple servers will have more benefits such as – unlimited storage and bandwidth, load balancing etc.

Physical location
The location of VPS servers is in the data center of the host or at third-party hosting provider, whereas private cloud is owned by own data center of a business. In this case, the clouds use the hardware for a particular cloud and not shared with other users.

VPS offers the flexibility and freedom for the customers at very low cost. In a similar way, cloud hosting also offers more flexibility and independence with minimum cost and efficiency.

Customizationwebsite monitoring service
In VPS, you will have the ability to install a software, configure, customize and administrate your severe applications. However, you have only limited rights to access the resources and customize. But, in case of cloud hosting, it offers highly controllable and customizable environment.

Safety and security
Due to virtualization, VPS hosting is considered to be more safe and secure; and similarly cloud hosting is secure and reliable as the data tends to be stored in separate servers in different locations and data centers. You can also get round the clock customer support with cloud hosting.

VPS is significantly less costly than the private cloud; because, in VPS you will be paying only for the portion of the server you have taken. But, in order to reduce the cost of cloud hosting, you need to choose normal cloud hosting, which doesn’t designate your own server.

Scalability with cloud is very fast, as it is designed with control panels built with fast provisioning and deployment in mind. So, it is scalable in just a few minutes; whereas, in VPS, in order to be scalable, it requires the services to be upgraded manually with the required support and resources.

These are the few differences between VPS and cloud server hosting. So, chose the type of hosting that meets your website requirements.
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Pros and Cons of Standard Automobiles and Used Luxury Cars

Weighing the benefits and demerits of standard automobiles an used luxury cars can be done before purchasing them which helps out in making the right choice. In this article both the benefits and demerits are mentioned of both standard automobiles and used luxury cars.

Pros of standard automobiles

  • Selecting the right automobile: While buying a new standard automobile there will be varied options with different colors and models to be selected from.
  • If the dealer does not have the particular model or color in which you look for they can order one for you and deliver from the production line.
  • Technology: Newer vehicles have the current technology features till date which includes entertainment systems, safety systems etc
  • Outstanding condition: Being a brand new car they do have low mileage compared to used car and no previous ownership.
  • Better warranties: new standard automobile has a warranty of three years and five year warranty of power train.
  • Pricing: Car dealers generally offer incentives on new vehicles making the buyers purchase based on interest rates where generally people end paying higher interests on already owned vehicles.
  • Maintenance: Buying new car needs standard maintenance during first few years of owner ship which usually includes changing oil and rotating of tires.

Cons of standard automobiles

  • Standard: Purchasing a new standard vehicle is not a deluxe vehicle. People regret taking on standard vehicle by having to own a deluxe vehicle.
  • Depreciation: Once driven from the lot new vehicles lose their value.

Pros of used luxury cars

  • Depreciation value: Used luxury cars take less depreciation over all when compared to new standard vehicles because the previous owners took more of the depreciation.
  • More extravagance: Though being an used car both the interior and exterior of the deluxe vehicle is going to be better than the new standard models.

Good materials are used in building up the car with more power under the hood.

Cons of used luxury cars

  • Efficiency: Standard automobiles tend to be highly efficient than the luxury models where the standard models are installed with latest technology which increases the over all efficiency compared to that of pre-owned luxury vehicles.
  • Technology: Limited options will be available in the pre-owned luxury vehicles in the model, features and its manufacture type. Being an older vehicle there will be no advanced technology available as that of a new standard vehicle.
  • Maintenance/ warranty: Pre-owned vehicles have more mileage compared to new vehicles that cost more money to maintain them and are with little warranty. The repairs on the used luxury vehicle will be more expensive with respect to its spare parts.

The above data give knowledge about the benefits and demerits of owning either a standard new vehicle and an used luxury vehicle. By considering the above things one can easily make out which makes the best option while purchasing the right vehicle.
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Banner Ads and its Working Procedure

AdserverBanner ads is a form of advertisement that appear in rectangular boxes on a web page. It can be posted anywhere on the web page. A hyper link is attached to the rectangular box. If someone clicks on that box the browser navigates to the advertisers website.

In previous days banner ads would appeared only in text format and graphical images. But now with the development of technology, the appearance and usage of banner ads have changed. Today banner ads appear in flash type, animated graphics, video content and sound.

Banner ads play an important role when it comes to online marketing. It is helpful to advertise businesses online. Coming to the size of banner ads, it is not in a particular size, it comes in some standards (IAB standards). For banner ads most of the websites will depend on the limit of memory size.

Ad serverWorking procedure of banner ads
Generally banner ads are used to get traffic to the advertisers site by clicking on the ad that has a link. Most advertisers are interested to place their ads on a website that has high traffic because there are more chances of getting more clicks to the ad. While placing the banner ads advertisers should know about the website target. It should match with the advertisers intended audiences.

Elements of banner ads

  • The advertiser: Advertiser is one who wants to promote his business. It is a company that wants to promote their products/services.
  • The agency: Generally advertisers contact agencies to start an advertising campaign. The agency will help the advertisers by creating the banner ads based on the advertisers requirement. After creating banners for the advertisers the agency will buy the space for the advertisement.
  • Freelancer: The advertisers can contact freelancers for the same work with less money.

The advertising network
Advertisers, agencies and freelancers can approach the advertising network for buying ad space. If the price is worth it, then the ad networks will accept the banners (if it follows IAB standards). Some times the advertisers will contact the publishers directly instead of advertising networks.
This is all about the fundamentals of banner ads.
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Reasons to Have Your Own Ad Server

Ad servers will help publishers to check and manage the available adverting space on the website. Generally any ad server can do this work. It is better to use your own ad server if you run a consistent volume of ad campaigns. Because it is very needed to control the operations of your ads. Here are some reasons why you need to have your own ad server.

Control over data
If you are a multiple user of internet, you probably share the information over in many servers and many websites. If you are using one ad server means you are storing all your information in it. You can protect your information by using some methods, but the storage space remains same. You can make some changes that is by setting up your own server to hold the data. By this you can get good security.

Building own services
By using your own ad server you can do anything like you can run your own email server to manage all your emails. And even you can implement many services which you want to use. Chances are endless. Only thing is you need to choose one. Apart from the hardware problems, the services by your sever will not change until you make it. But if you use a third party server you have to adjust with the newly made changes of server.

Data ownership
One more reason to use your own ad server is data ownership. Here you can have a control on your data. If you are not using your own ad server means simply you are depending on other ad servers that is you are losing control over your data. By using your own ad server you can manage all your ad campaigns, and also you can store all your data in single data base. Which will reduce the complexity.

The cost for your own ad server is really insignificant. Specially when you are not using it all day. The only thing here you should consider is cost of electricity.

So having your own ad server has many advantages to it.
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