Types of Garden Bench Materials and Their Uses

By | October 8, 2014

A garden bench makes a huge difference in your garden. It adds a miniature housesfinishing touch to your garden landscape. There are various options available for choosing the benches for your garden but, to make your garden bench long lasting you need to select the appropriate or sustainable bench material or furniture for your garden. So choose a material that suites the garden style and your requirements. Some of the materials that you can choose are:

Many garden benches come with wood furniture and those are made of various types of wood like teak, cedar, redwood, oak, etc. The durability of the wood benches may vary for the each type. Among the listed ones, teak is known for its extreme durability which can withstand to the intense weather conditions and it doesn’t require any maintenance. So, if you go for choosing durable wood benches for your garden you can choose teak though it is expensive. But, when it comes to other types of wood you need to maintain them regularly with some coatings or repellents to make them durable.

Stoneminiature houses
Garden benches made of stones are more of concrete material. So, when it comes to choosing the stone benches concrete gives classical accent to your garden. Most types of concrete benches are durable and doesn’t require maintenance. But, the drawback with this benches is, they crack in winter seasons. So, check even for small crack in the benches before you purchase.

Cast Iron
Cast iron benches are decorative pieces of your garden but, they are prone to rust quickly. So, before you purchase them see to it that they are coated with rust resistant powder. This increase the durability of the benches. But, cast iron benches are too heavy to place in your garden.

Resin benches are made out of recycled plastic. It has many miniature gardenbenefits like lightweight, comfortable and durable. But, they need some maintenance. Benches made of high quality resin lasts long and they can withstand to all weather conditions. They are available in variety of colors and styles. So, if you choose this resin material you will have various choices for your garden.

Aluminum is often found in the outdoor garden. They are light weight, portable, corrosion and rust resistant. These benches can last long and comes in various colors and styles. But, this benches need to be repainted at least once or twice a year. It is an economical option for your outdoor gardens.