HR Management: Supervision and Discipline

By | October 29, 2014

Work is compulsory and essential in an organization. Business is characterized by strict deadlines and delivery to clients within the due dates. This keeps the trust alive which keeps business healthy. An employee should be highly committed fro this and work diligently towards the goal without any fatigue and distractions. Certain levels of discipline and suitable work environment is also required to ensure this. So, work supervision and discipline is mandatory at the workplace to ensure that work is done diligently and employees are not distracted from work. This helps in achieving deadlines and delivering to the client in due time keeping up the promises and commitment to work. It also helps in keeping a positive work environment

All about employee supervision
As believed traditionally, supervision is not all about monitoring the workforce and seeing if they are working or not. Supervision is a very broad term and includes various other parameters like business processes, planning of work, calculating the budgets and time, scheduling the tasks, implementing the plans, solving the problems, tracking the work progress and evaluating the results.

Supervision leads to completion of work in due time. This saves time for work review and corrections to be done if any. This way quality of the work can be improved. Functions and powers of a supervisory manager has to be clearly defined in order to avoid any confusion in action. A good supervisor constantly motivates the employee to work harder and helps them in building new skills and improving the existing skills.

After the assignment is completed, supervisor is expected to review the work and bring any shortcomings in work into limelight. This helps in rating the performance of the employee and making him acquaint of his performance so that he can improve his skills.

Discipline builds work culture
Discipline is the art of obeying laws. This builds a favorable work culture in the work premises. Discipline also gives strength and endurance to an employee to perform in tough and adverse conditions and come up with results. Thus discipline at work is important. The HR policy must clearly indicate the expected code of conduct and behavior along with the acts of misconduct that could lead to termination. The acts of indiscipline need to be dealt strictly because indiscipline is like a infectious disease which spreads if not controlled in due time. Reported acts of indiscipline should be investigated fairly and thoroughly. Such persons should be mentored and counseled by the HR managers and the reason for their behavior should be known and their problems should be addressed.

Supervision and discipline at work are equally important. While one ensures that work is happening in a planned and structured way with skill development of the employee, the other ensures a good work environment and a tendency to follow rules by word in an organization.