Advantages and Disadvantages of Shared Web Hosting

By | October 6, 2014

There are many companies that offer shared web hosting services. We need to choose according to our requirements. If you are looking for web hosting service that low priced, it is better go for a shared web hosting. Shared web hosting has certain pros and cons. We’ll discuss them briefly in this article.

Shared web hosting
Shared hosting is a common type of hosting and involves multiple number of websites using a common server. The cost of the server is shared among all the users and therefore per unit cost is lower. On a single server, many websites are hosted and allots the same amount of bandwidth to all sites. Therefore, we cannot say it is ideal. We have advantages and disadvantages with this shared web hosting.

Advantages of shared web hosting
Cost effective
Shared web hosting involves one server that is shared by a group of websites. Therefore, the company offers low cost for hosting. The price at which the service is offered is affordable for startups and small businesses.

Service provider takes care of technical aspects
The technical aspects of your website involved in hosting are taken care of by the service provider. You can stay focused on your core business.

Easy to operate
Shared hosting enables easy operation for site owners. Thus, you can create new email accounts, databases if you need through the control panel provided by the web hosting service provider.

Disadvantages of shared web hosting
check website statusSystem resources limitation
Shared hosting involves multiple websites share the same physical resources. Therefore, each of them competes for share and therefore there is limitation.
In addition, if one of the websites has a large volume of traffic, it’s likely to affect the performance of the other sites.

Security risk
There are some bad scripts, which can affect a server performances. In addition, a vulnerable script can easily be hacked and used bring down a server. If any such type script gets loaded in a hosting account, all the websites will be affected. This cannot be avoided in shared web hosting service.
These are the pros and cons of shared web hosting. Considering them all you need to choose your hosting.

Site owner unable to make changes
If you are planning to modify your site by installing a new program, removing the existing ones, you need to depend on the service provider. Thus, you cannot access the credential to make the changes you want.