Advantages and Limitations of an Electric Car

By | September 29, 2014

Conventional cars emit harmful gases that adversely affect human, animal and plant life. In an endeavor to reduce the harmful effects of pollutants and to conserve the fossil fuels, electric cars came into picture. Electric cars completely depend on electric charge stored in batteries for their power and use electric motors for propulsion. Hence, they are eco-friendly and save fossil fuels. Having so many advantages, electric cars could not become popular in the market mainly because of the limitations imposed by the batteries and few other factors.

Advantages of electric vehiclesWater pump repair

  • Electric vehicles are eco-friendly. This is the biggest advantage of electric vehicles. They do not emit harmful pollutants and do not create noise.
  • They do not rely on fossil fuels for their operation. Hence, you will save a lot of money over fuels as electrical power is relatively cheaper.
  • They require a little maintenance and they can be charged anywhere by docking the vehicle into a power socket.
  • Though the initial investment is little high, they prove to be economical in the long run.
  • Many states and countries offer tax benefits and incentives on purchase of electric vehicles.

Limitations of electric vehicles

  • Electrical vehicles are powered by batteries. The cumulative weight of the batteries is considerable. This in turn affects the performance of the vehicle as the weight has to be bore by the batteries only.
  • Frequent recharging and discharging of the batteries reduces the life of the batteries and they have to be changed over short intervals of time.
  • Their operation time is very less. They are designed to travel a maximum distance of somewhere near 100 km. So, long trips cannot be pursued on these vehicles.
  • Though charging ports are available, these vehicles take 5-6 hours to recharge the battery. Additionally, frequent recharging can reflect on your power bills in a heft way.
  • Service centers are not easily available.
  • The noiseless operation of the vehicles can be a disadvantage since people may not see them coming at blind points and it can pose risk of accidents.

Extensive research is being carried by the manufacturers to reduce the limitations in electric vehicles.