Benefits of Using Fuel Cells Over Batteries for Your Car

By | August 22, 2014

Fuel cells give more benefits to your car when compared to batteries. Some of them are listed below. So, know the differences and get benefited by using fuel cells.

High flexible
Fuel cells can operate on various types of fuels and they are flexible to use than internal combustion engines or batteries.

Highly efficient
Fuel cells conserves energy and uses stored energy into usable energy in only one step whereas batteries or internal combustion engines require multiple steps to convert. So, fuel cells can achieve higher conversion efficiency than batteries.

The moving parts in the fuel cells are less when compared to the internal combustion engine or battery and this also requires less maintenance. The problem with fuel cells are, they can be easily identified and rectified.

Low or zero emissions
If you use some fuel cells they just release water when they are in use or else very less emissions than other combustion technologies. This reduces the release of air pollutants in the vehicles with fuel cells than vehicles with batteries. With this you can save the environment.

Long time for refueling
Fuel cells need very long time for refueling the vehicle whereas batteries need to be charged in less time when compared to fuel cells. Fuel cells run for long time with the same fuel. Using fuel cells for your vehicle saves lot of money.

Less weight
The vehicles that run on fuel cells will be less in weight whereas vehicles running on batteries will be more weight added through the battery. This leads to more consumption of electricity as the weight of the vehicle is more.

Eliminates pollution
Apart from few emissions the green house gases will emit very less compared to the other engines which eliminates the release of pollutants from the vehicles.

Low noise through vibrations
As there are only few moving parts in the fuel cell it won’t vibrate much than the internal combustion engine or a battery. So, the noise that comes out through fuel cells is negligible.

There are very few disadvantages when compared to vehicles running on batteries. So, maintenance of fuel cells is easy over the batteries for vehicles.