Company Promotion Versus Company Branding

By | August 8, 2014

People usually confuse when it comes to company promotion and company branding. They two distinct notions. We furnish here a few points for clarity.

Company promotion
Promotion is a term generally used in businesses by influencing the people in buying the product/service you offer or making them to be aware of the brand that you are promoting. Company promotion plays a major role in bringing the company a brand name. Thus, we can say that company branding will be part of company promotion. In other words, the company will get a brand image through promotion. ‘Company promotion’ is particularly used to refer to the activity intended to promote the company, a business’s product/service.

Company branding
Branding is a common word used in business today. It is the aggregation of all the things such as logo, brand message, tag line, etc. It is mainly involved in bringing a unique image for the product/service among the prospects and clients/customers with the help of promotion. Branding aims in establishing a distinguished presence of your business in the market, which retains the customers who are loyal towards your business.

Differences between promotion and branding

  • Branding shows how your business or company is different from others available in the market.
    Promotion is a one time event. It is done one hour, one month or one year in reaching a particular goal or a specific purpose of your business.
  • Branding helps in getting potential buyers. It helps in making the people aware of the company brand through promotion. This improves the brand image of the company.
    Trust is established through your company brand. Your brand shows the quality of the product or service you offer to the customers.
    Promotion is made to bring the success of the company or brand among the people.
  • Through branding people will become familiar with the product/service brand of your company and it also shows the credibility of the company.
    Promotion is likely to improve volume of sales of your product/service. It brings an awareness among your potential clients/customers you are offering for the customers.

Reputation of the company depends on successful branding that you get through promotion company strengths or the values. When you are good at this you can stand out in the competing market. These points offer a clarity on branding and promotion and how they are interrelated.