How Communication Skills Differ From Language Skills

By | August 18, 2014

Common misconception
People learn new languages with different objectives. Most of them do it so that they can communicate well in that language verbally or in a written form. Almost each one of us is restricted by our motive for learning the new language. Most of us in our endeavor of gaining command over communication skills end up making a wrong choice and go for learning instead. Many do the opposite of it. Both of them lead us to choose a wrong thing to pursue for learning. Apparently most for us have a common misconception that communication skills and language skills are same. Both the aspects share a few similarities but all together they are different. Clarifying this, we can say that communication skills require language skills to some extent nut having communication skills do not affirm that you have good language skills also. Broadly speaking, communication skills are sub domain of language skills.

Communication skills v/s learning a language
Before making any decision, you must find enough confidence in your objective. It means to decide if you want to constraint yourself to communication skills or you want to develop a language skills in whole. After coming to communication skills, it depends if you are contented with the spoken communication skills or you want to go further with writing skills also.

Learning a language or developing language skills includes developing full understanding of the language. It means that you are as good in that language as you are in your mother tongue. It is a very comprehensive approach and requires a lot of time and practice. Communication skills only limit themselves to the art of communicating well in that language. If you are focusing on only verbal communication skills, you just need to have a little knowledge of grammar. You must have knowledge of simple words and should be able to make simple sentences. Most of the times, your mistakes will be forgiven. Coming to writing skills, you need to have a little extra vocabulary and knowledge of good writing etiquette. Communication skills over a language can be developed in few months unlike language skills.

Communication skills is a function of practice and is directly proportional to it. The more you practice, the better you will be. It comes in a fact that many people lack communication skills in their mother tongue also due to lack of practice. But when coming to language, it is a bigger picture, you have to get proficient with different aspects of it.

Communication skills put less effort on grammar. It is more concerned with conveying the message properly. Therefore you should need to have knowledge of simple words and simple sentences in that language. Being simple is the trick to learn good communication skills. But when it comes to learning languages, you can not do away by ignoring grammar. Grammar holds a very prominent place in learning a language and should be give due importance. It forms backbone of any language.

You should be confident in your need and decision as said earlier. It is the pre-condition in ensuring that you achieve your goal. You should not bet this misconception stray you away from your goal. You should stay focused on your goal and make sincere efforts in achieving it.