Steps to Change Your Car’s Flat Tier

By | July 31, 2014

Has the car’s tier been flattened in the middle of a drive? Don’t panic. Here are some simple steps that will help you repair your car yourself and without the help of any one.

Step-1: At first park, your car in a safe place were there is a chance to park. For this, you need to check whether the surface of the place where you are parking can restrict the car. It is important for the car to stay on the surface to change the car tier.

Step-2: Get all the tools that are necessary to repair the flat tier from your car tool box in your car. Along with the tool kit, you must also bring a spare tier that you are having in the car.fuel pump replacement

Step-3: Jack up your car before you start the process for changing your car tier. For jacking up, you must bring the jack and place it in the correct position where there is no plastic at the bottom instead to get contact with metal body of the car body, Else, it gets cracked. Raise the jack until it is in a position to support the car but doesn’t lift it.

Step-4: Take a wrench from the tools and loosen the lug nuts of your car’s flat tier wheel. However, you do it you need to remove the hub cap. The wrench that you brought should match the size of the lug nuts to remove them because there are different sizes of lug nuts. Now, lift the flat tier up from the ground to remove it.

Step-5: After the tier is up and it is ready with loose lug nuts by turning in the anti-clock wise direction. You can remove all the lug nuts of the wheel. Once you remove the lug nuts, you can remove the flat tier.

Step-6: Replace the flat tier now with the spare one through proper rim alignment of the spare tier using bolts, and then finally put the lug nuts back and tighten them until they are snugly hold.

Step-7: Finally, bring back your car to normal position by bringing it down from the jack-up position and remove the jack.

You can change your tier by replacing the flattened tire with the one you have as a spare one. Make sure to keep the car maintenance kit in your car when you are on the drive.