HTML Vs PHP Vs ASP – Which is Best and Secure for a Website?

By | July 24, 2014

Are you looking for a good programming language that provides more security to your website? Then know the differences between HTML, PHP and ASP which are languages used to design a website. Choose the one that satisfies your requirements in providing security. Every language has got their own importance. Here, you have to know the differences and choose the language.
Choosing of the language for your site also varies depending on the whether you want dynamic site or a static website.

HTML for a website
website monitoring serviceIf you want your site to be simple and clean with only limited images, you choose this language to design your website. It has many features that are beneficial to your website.

  • The loading speed of the website designed with HTML will be fast. It can be easily accessed by large no. of audience.
  • HTML sites are search engine friendly as the code is clean and simple.
  • The server load will be less if the sites use HTML
  • If you want to update the site fast, this language will be useful.
  • It is compatible with all kinds of browsers.
  • As this language is easy to understand the user can make modifications in the code whenever necessary especially for novice users.
  • Here you no need to buy any software.

But it has some disadvantages apart from the benefits it brings to the user.

  • It only supports for the site which need static web pages as it can’t produce dynamic alone that is, it needs the help of other programming languages.
  • Security features offered by HTML are very limited.
  • In order to make your web site vibrant that is detailed you need to incorporate the CSS along with HTML because it is basic and can’t really provide the details.
  • It can’t run because it is not an execution script.
  • To show time and other features you need to incorporate PHP, etc.

ASP. Net for a website
Few advantages of ASP are:

  • It is a highly secure language for website designing as it supports windows authentication.
  • The web applications can be configured easily.
  • Web development with ASP is faster when compared with other languages.
  • It reduces the operational cost.
  • It is highly reliable language.
  • ASP and HTML can blend each other very well.
  • If any illegal behavior is there it immediately intimates to the user with alerts and notifications.


  • In order to run ASP programs windows server platform need to be installed with IIS.
  • PHP code can’t run faster when compared to PHP.
  • ASP can run only a few platforms along with ASP-Apache installed on it.
  • It requires additional costs.
  • It mainly uses MS-SQL and not flexible.

PHP for a website
Developing the site with PHP is a good idea. Many of the sites today are being developed with this programming language. It has many advantages over the other two languages.

  • It is available or downloaded free of cost.
  • It is compatible in any kind of OS like windows, Unix, Linux etc
  • The website developed with PHP dose data processing quickly.
  • It has simple features and use simple techniques that can be easily understood by the users.
  • It is compatible, that it can be used in HTML.
  • It can integrate major web applications i.e., highly flexible and scalable.
  • It provides many security functions like protecting from spy , virus attacks etc.


  • As it is an open source, all can see the source code of the sites designed with PHP. So, if the code contains any bugs, it will be a weakness of the site.
  • For large web applications, it is not suitable.
  • It is slower than other languages compared.
  • The code is in plain text.

As the owner of the website it is your responsibility to check which language suits based on the requirements to develop your website. We can’t conclude that one language is the best because everyone has got its own benefits over other. But when compared with security point of view PHP and ASP are better than HTML. ASP is the best we can say in providing security. So, it depends.