Monthly Archives: July 2014

Internal Vs External Website Monitoring

Web monitoring is performed inside and outside the firewall that businesses and people use. Some companies/organizations focus on internal and some on external web monitoring. Third-party website monitoring takes care of the site both internally and externally. Both the types are mentioned under clearly. Internal web monitoring: Internal web monitoring from your data center with… Read More »

Steps to Change Your Car’s Flat Tier

Has the car’s tier been flattened in the middle of a drive? Don’t panic. Here are some simple steps that will help you repair your car yourself and without the help of any one. Step-1: At first park, your car in a safe place were there is a chance to park. For this, you need… Read More »

Types of Denture Relines and Their Uses

A dental relining is resurfacing the surface of the teeth with a new material. Dental relining can be done in two ways one is the direct way and the other is indirect way. This is necessary because the tissues or bones of your teeth may change from time to time. By this, the dentures that… Read More »

Differences between DUI & DWI and Penalties by Law

DUI/DWI Driving under influence (DUI) or Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is the same, which refers to driving the motor vehicles while impaired by alcohol or other substances, which are illegal. In some states this both are interchangeable. They are given different weight in different countries and use opposite acronym. DUI and DWI are related to… Read More »