Why Changing the Power Steering Fluid in Your Car is Essential

By | June 12, 2014

Every morning we need to go to our office or travel to some places using automobiles. To move from one place to another we need a vehicle.

Having car has become essential for daily commute. However, it is important to know that the lifespan of a vehicle can be increased only by maintaining it properly. One of the main car maintenance factors is power steering fluid. Power steering fluid is a hydraulic fluid which sends power to power steering in a car. This part helps in driving your car with less effort. The power steering fluid should be checked regularly in a car for smooth running of the car. This article discusses the importance of changing power steering fluid regularly.

To avoid wear and tear of power steering components
In a power steering system, the fluid is the cheapest component. We need to change the fluid by avoiding wear and tear of the components in a car. This increases the lifetime of a car.

After a period of time the seals, O-rings and internal power steering components will wear out. When the components break, the power steering fluid will be contaminated, which makes the power steering harder resulting in breakdown of the system.

Dirty power steering fluid will reduce steering power
The power steering fluid should be pure. A dirty and polluted power steering fluid can damage the performance of the steering in car. Get your car serviced to avoid these problems. Dirty power steering fluid can cause noise while steering by making the steering harder and seals are hardened thus causing leakage and wear and tear of the system.

The level of power steering fluid must be maintained to avoid leakage
The power steering fluid must be checked once a month when the car is warm. If the level of the fluid is low then there might be leakage, this makes the steering difficult and also damages the power steering pump. Change the power steering fluid for every 50,000 miles or every three years. You need to give your power steering system for servicing because repair to power steering components is very expensive.

Use only recommended oil for your car
Use the oil as suggested by owner’s manual, which is recommended for your car. If you hear a noise while steering then your power steering pump might have failed. If any leakage occurs, you should check the level of power steering fluid and make sure it is filled up but do not overfill your reservoir. If the reservoir is not having enough oil, it makes the steering very difficult. You may have to replace the power steering or their will be no steering thus making it more difficult to drive.