Security Guard or a Camera – Which is the Better Option?

By | June 27, 2014

We are living in the world where crime rate is growing day by day. This is a threat to security of common people. No one is too secured. In some or other way every one is facing risks. The crime rate is more today. So, people are making sure to protect themselves, their property and business. In order, to lead a secured life you must implement your own security strategy. Some people uses security cameras and some others have security guards in their offices etc. So, which one of this are the better ways to get security is the question here. See the comparison to have a clear idea regarding the security.

Security cameras
Security cameras are mainly used to capture the images and video of the person or the attacker. These are useful to just know the person who did the crime other than this it can’t provide security for the company or the person or property. It is not always useful because if the person who is doing crime or attack covers his face then there won’t be any use of this camera. So, the security cameras can’t help in avoiding criminal activities.

Security guard
Security guards provide physical security to you and your property. So, having a trained and experienced security guard is very helpful. They avoid the crime happening and provide strong and efficient security. Security guards are reliable than the security cameras because security guards prevent before the crime happens where as security cameras are useful after the crime has taken place. So, crime prevention is better than getting the crime details using security surveillance cameras.

Security camera Vs Security guard
When compared, both are beneficial for a business but security guards are powerful enough in providing security than the security cameras. As said physical security is more efficient than the cameras. Their is no replacement for this. Security guards work 24/7 and gives you and you property a strong security.

When combined both it gives a more effective protection. Security cameras are helpful for the security guards to monitor and capture the information of daily activities happening and reports to the police or the authorities if any crime takes place. Remember that having security guard with security surveillance cameras is far better to give better security for your property.

So, get your life and property secured all the time by security cameras and security guards combined.