Advantages and Disadvantages of Traction Control System

By | May 18, 2014

Traction control system is developed to avoid or limit the slipping of wheels on the roads or on slippery surfaces during the acceleration and the sensors in it detects the speed of each wheel. It is a function which is secondary of anti-lock braking system (ABS). Some of the traction control systems also use engine reduction to take the power out of the wheel.

Here the automatic traction control is turned on when it is found that wheel is slipping. The sensors in ABS are used by traction control system which is used to detect the when only one wheel is rotated than the other wheels. During this time the wheel which is rotating rotates faster as it is receiving more power.

Components of traction control system:
Traction control system works same as the ABS and uses the same components as ABS. The components include:

  • The sensors for detecting the speed of all the wheels
  • The Electronic Control Unit (ECU) receives the data from the sensors about the wheels and also helps the hydraulic motor for pumping the brakes
  • To pump the brakes a hydraulic modulator is used

Advantages of traction control system:

  • This system accelerates to a green light when there is traffic behind
  • The installation of the traction control system is easy as it uses the same infrastructure as the ABS
  • In snow and rain conditions the traction control system presents an effective control of hydroplaning
  • When there is any problem during the rotation of the vehicle the system detects it and activates the brakes on the wheel prevents it from slipping
  • Insurance is also provided for the systems like traction control and other similar systems as they had proven the safety values

These advantages will help you to avoid accidents and keeps you safe.

Disadvantages of traction control system:

  • The gears here are high functioning which are involved in the traction control. So, it is expensive to purchase
  • The traction control system has only limited usage because with the off-road usage it can’t survive
  • Their is a chance of traction control system getting damaged frequently and it require more maintenance. So, the cost of the maintenance is high which can’t be afforded by many people

Traction control system helps the car in avoiding accidents and other damage that may happen to the car.