Pay Per Click Advertising Benefits for Auto Dealerships

By | April 10, 2014

Pay per click or PPC is sometimes named as paid search marketing or paid search advertising. In PPC, the sponsored links are bought on search engine results pages or SERP, blogs, content sites or websites. The paid search allows the auto dealerships to pay a fee to have dealerships website displayed on search engine results page. When some one enter specific phrases or keywords in the search engine the website link will be displayed. It is a great option to compliment for inbound marketing efforts. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of pay per click for an auto dealership business.

  • Small initial investment: Generally, search engines do not Ad servercharge anything to insert a Pay per click advertisement. There is no fee to create an account and the dealer only pay each time when someone clicks on the ad.
  • Instant results: One of the important advantages for an auto dealership is that it is the fastest way to get the traffic to the dealership website. The website will be displayed in the search results pages as soon as the dealer subscribed for pay per click campaign.
  • Set your own budget: By setting daily and monthly budgets for pay per click advertising, the dealer can control the costs. As a pay per click advertiser, the dealership firm can decide how much want to pay for meeting the marketing goals, increase the traffic to the website, bidding options and other keywords. According to your sales goals, and how aggressively you want to promote are the key factors to tailor your pay per click advertising.
  • Wider exposure: Search engines like Yahoo, Google, etc. along with their network partners, reach a vast majority of Internet users. Placing a pay per click ad on the search engines will guarantee your website is getting a great exposure.
  • More local visibility: Search engines are display the ads as per the user search location. The content, links and the pay per click advertisement will helps to get more traffic to a dealership site especially from local potential customers.
  • Targeting: The pay per click advertising allows the dealership firms to target the ads. They will only appear or display to the specified qualified customers. The targeting options are based on time period (when the dealership plans for offer for a specific period), demographics, location targeting, language targeting and based on the user recent search history in the browser. So, there are lots of chances to convert a click to the sale.

The pay per click will display the auto dealership’s website at the top of the page. It will help even when the search engine optimization is not done and the website is at the lowest search rankings, until the dealer pays for it.