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Child Labor Laws in Texas: A Guide for Employers

Employing child is an important issue; it may attract some liability of any sort – civil or criminal -unless employers do not take precautions. There are multiple issues associated with this – hiring, removal and paying compensation to child labors. In Texas, employers are covered under the relevant laws of both state of Texas and… Read More »

Pros and Cons of Banner Advertising

As in case of other marketing strategies, you need to have clear picture of how this marketing technique benefits you. Since banner advertising has been used for so long, it is considered best advertising options. Let us have a look at the pros and cons that are associated with using this type of marketing strategy.… Read More »

PCB: Needs and Benefits

The early phase In today’s technological scenario, PCBs play an important role when compared to early were not much commendable. They mainly and mostly consisted of end-end wiring or point-point contacts creating clumsy wiring practices. The turret board (the early form of electronic circuit) was little better than the point connections used. Related problems The… Read More »

Advertising Network: Its Types

An ad network represents web sites in advertisement selling, allowing the buyers of advertising to reach audience easily through run-of-network and run-of-category buys. Advertising networks provide with ad campaigns coordination for media buyers across thousands of people efficiently. One of the issues for publishers is non exclusive representation and exclusive representation where in the former… Read More »

Get to Know Winter Tires and Types

Winter is time when you find it difficult to drive unless you equip your car with winter tires. This is because it is difficult to get enough traction on a snow surface. Therefore, you need fit your car with tires designed exclusively for winter. Snow tires are designed specially for use in cold weather, snow… Read More »