Signs for Your Car Engine Trouble

By | March 2, 2014

In some cases, vehicles behave like people. Often, time trucks and cars roll and do what they have to do, there is no stalling and no complaining. When people get sick like cold or flu, etc., it reveals some signs even they don’t tell us anything. The same logic applies in automobiles thing as well. You can identify some of the problems with your regular experience of driving your car. Those problems are like at start up, changing the gear, etc. In this article, we will discuss some signs that indicate the engine trouble.

  • Smoke signals: The smoke can either come from front or back of your vehicle. Either front or back it is not good. If there is any problem, the tail pipe of your vehicle emits colored smoke as an indicator.
    • White: When there is a damaged cylinder head or a blown head gasket, a lot of white smoke comes from the tailpipe. When the engine running hot due to water and coolant entering the combustion chamber, white smoke will come. Check the oil filler cap and engine oil dipstick for any tan goo or creamy brown. If you find something like this, it means there are coolant and water in your oil. In the radiator, check the coolant level when the engine is cold, because it is probably low.
    • Black: If there is a black smoke, it indicates that your engine is running rich. In most cases, it means for repairs but not for rebuilding. The repairs required for air or fuel mixture that entering into the combustion chamber. In simple terms, improper mixture of air and fuel results in black smoke emission. Sometimes the black smoke indicates serious engine troubles.
    • Blue: Engine oil is the reason for blue color smoke. There can be several components inside the engine to happen for blue smoke but the basic is same. From intended passageways, oil escape and burn along with fuel. The best thing to do in this case is take the car for repair for any damaged or worn seals.
  • Bad smell from exhaust: This means not always cars exhaust good smells. Today most cars run without emitting much unpleasant smoke. If your car exhausts a different smell or bad, it is the time to take your car to your mechanic. They can rule out if there is any serious problem.
  • Noises: When the car speeds up, your car engine is making knocking sounds means something as a bad gas. Sometimes, it can cause a serious damage to your engine. Check at your repair shop.

If you have any problems with your engine do not neglect with that problem. This is because in many cases, serious damages to the engines can be prevented. If you ignore the problem, it can cause a serious problem, which makes the repair bill big.