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Basic Types of Car Insurance Coverage

Many people buy and pay for car insurance with the assumption that if something happens to the car, the company will pay for it. But unfortunately there are plenty of scenarios that are not covered by the insurance that might have resulted in heavy repair costs. The only way to avoid this is to purchase full coverage car insurance. This insurance has different types and this article discusses the same.

Types of full coverage car insurance
Following are the basic type of full coverage car insurance:

Liability insurance coverage
Liability insurance coverage is further broken down into two types of coverage; bodily injury liability and property damage liability.

  • Bodily injury liability: This is the coverage that pays for the medical and funeral damages for the any person or people injured or killed in the event of an accident for which, you were responsible. In addition, it pays for the legal charges if the other party sues you for being associated with the accident.
  • Property damage liability coverage: This covers the damage caused by you or the other party. Instead of covering medical damages, it covers the damages caused to your as well as other people’s car. Like bodily injury liability, this insurance will also pay for the legal charges if the other party sues you for the damage.

Physical damage coverage
This coverage covers your property in the event of an accident. Physical damage coverage is divided in to two types; comprehensive coverage and collision coverage.

  • Comprehensive coverage: This coverage covers your vehicle in case of damage and loss from things other than collision like hurricane disaster, tree falling on the car, theft, etc.
  • Collision coverage: This insurance coverage is for the damage to your car when it hits other vehicle or object. This coverage is designed to pay for the repairs and in some cases replace the car.

Uninsured motorist coverage
This is divided into two classes: uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage and uninsured motorist property damage. Let us discuss each briefly.

  • Uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage: If your vehicle is struck by the driver with no insurance, this coverage pays for your damage and the other people in the car. But if the driver who struck your car has insurance, but is not sufficient to pay for the damages, this insurance will also cover these charges.
  • Uninsured motorist property damage: This insurance pays for your property if it gets damaged by an uninsured motorist. It works same as the uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage except it covers the property/car not the people.


How to Choose Right Seat for Children in Your Cars?

Adults can seat or adjust in a car seat but many parents confuse when choosing right seats for children in the car. However, for parents, keeping children in a safe state, it is the top most priority while they all are traveling together. There are many seats available in the market for children. Seats available in the market are convertible seats, booster seats, and combination seats. Some seats have special features with cup holders and detachable pillows for security and convenience. If you are thinking about how to choose a right seat for your children and what the leading causes for children accidents are, read the following.

The report of Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says that the main cause of death of children below 12 years is motor vehicle accidents. Over the past six years, many children below 12 years and youngsters were killed and some are injured in accidents. Due to the child restraining-rule made by the NHTSA, many lives have been saved over the past two years.

However, we all know that parents’ top priority is safety while driving on roads. They need, therefore, to do everything to protect the lives of children while driving. By choosing the right seat for children, parents can mostly secure their children every time when they are driving.

The effective way to keep your children safe in a moving vehicle is to use the child seat properly. While driving, adults should wear seat belts and should give the right seats for children to keep them in a safe position along with you. But, you need to check the features of different seats available in the market and choose the seat according to your needs. You can also take help of seat-sellers in choosing seats.
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Evaluation Tests Before Dental Implantation

A dental evaluation test is a must before getting the dental implantation surgery because it determines whether you are a suitable candidate for implants or not. This evaluation will usually include medical history, and other necessary tests.

The evaluation tests that are needed to prepare for the process are:

  • Medical history
  • Clinical examination with palpation
  • Radio graphs panoramic and FMX
  • ICAT

Medical history: If a person wants to replace missing teeth with dental implants then dentist will examine whether the person is suitable for implants or not. This can be done primarily by examining the medical history of that person.

  • The dentist will check if there is any growth in the jaw bone, if it is still in the growing stage.
  • Whether you have enough jaw bone density or not.
  • Gum thickness to allow placement of implant.
  • Medical history of any diseases like diabetes, tyroidism which leads to complications during surgery.
  • Whether the patient has a habit of taking alcohol and tobacco or not.
  • Whether the patient is undergoing any radiation therapy or pregnant.

Clinical examination with palpation: Clinical examination with palpation does not use any device. It can be examined by visualizing the site of missing tooth, adjacent tooth, jaw bone strength and gum tissue. This visualization is not sufficient to evaluate whether the candidate is suitable for implant or not.

Radio graphs panoramic and FMX: Dentists will take panoramic radio graphs where it shows the patients jaw bone and the teeth in the mouth in a single X-ray. X-rays shows the oral health under the surface of the teeth. If dentists want to visualize, then it is better to opt for CT scan or tomography. Tomography reveals the depth of the missing teeth and gingival margin.

FMX is another technique that helps in getting the accurate measurements for the placement of implant. FMX is a full mouth series of X-rays that should be taken every 3 years. This helps the dentist to know whether the person is suitable for dental implants or not.

ICAT: ICAT is a technique that provides 3D ultimate images of the mouth and accurately captures the patients anatomy of single tooth to entire arc. It collects precise data and measurements of bone height and length and width of the space created by the missing teeth.

These are the preliminary techniques to evaluate whether the person is suitable for dental implants or not. These tests reduces the failure of implants. So it is better to get the evaluation done before the implantation surgery.

Gasoline Versus Electric Powered Vehicles

Transportation is one of the major factors responsible for global warming and air pollution. According to the Environmental Protection Agency estimations, approximately five tons of carbon dioxide produced by an average passenger vehicle in a year. It significantly contributed to the greenhouse effect. Most of the transportation at present is powered by gasoline or other petroleum products. There are several differences between electric vehicles and gasoline vehicles.

  • Aerodynamics: One of the major differences between gasoline and electric is are its body design. Electric vehicles are built for efficiency. So to get more mileage, the automakers are trying to reduce the drag in its design.

But some cars like Tesla Roadster or Model S look like luxury and more expensive. Most of these cars have unorthodox and weird designs. But these are having their own reasons for that.

  • Mileage: Electric cars get better fuel economy than traditional gasoline cars. Mileage is one of the biggest reasons for people showing interest towards electric cars. For an electric car, top range is 300 miles so far. But most of the cars are having the range below fifty miles. Automakers are offering gasoline engine along with electric motor for longer trips. In case of gasoline engines, the best mileage is forty miles per gallon.
  • Technology: The technology used in electric and gasoline are different to get the same result. The electric powered cars have an electric motor. To turn the crankshaft, the motor generates a magnetic field by getting the power from battery.

Cars powered by gasoline engine have an internal combustion engine. With a spark plug, the engine ignites a mixture of air and fuel and produces a series of explosions. These explosions turn the crankshaft and cause the car to move.

  • Considerations: Electric cars offer many advantages than gas cars. But there are a few things you need to know about them. According to United States of Department of Energy, the present battery technology available in the electric cars will take eight hours to recharge to its full range.

The driving range is between hundred to two hundred miles. When compared to the gasoline cars, a tank will give three hundred miles. There is much convenience even to fill the tank, within a few minutes the tank is filled with fuel and fuel filling stations are available in many places.

Gasoline vehicles are more advanced than electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are not newer than gasoline vehicles. Long ago, the pioneers of automobile are experimented with both power sources. At that time diesel or gasoline powered cars are the norm around the world and internal combustion engine has not become as a standard auto engine. Along with gasoline, electric hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles are reemerging in recent decades. Gas powered cars are still dominating the roads.
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Importance of Auto Insurance

Automobiles plays an important role in every ones life, we need vehicles to move one place to another place. Without auto mobiles we can’t even imagine our daily life. Driving vehicles is difficult in some times. Like high traffic areas, In such cases there may be a chance to get hit by other vehicles. So auto insurance is very important to consider for anyone’s case. It not only the solution for vehicle damage but also it helps to your medical insurance bills. Some times even though you are driving in very careful manner the other people may not follow the rules. In that time he is going to involve you in that accident. Automobile insurance is also pays when some nature acts happens. Like hail storm. And also if any tree fall on your car also your insurance company will pay. Some times it will not pay the all amount. But it will pay some less amount in different types of accidents. The insurance claim is depends on the type of accident.

Many people thinks that insurance is not so important, because we need to pay monthly premiums and all. But having an insurance is really very important. If we met with any accident, assume that you don’t have an insurance for your car, you need to pay the persons medical bills and you need to pay for his vehicle damage. That is a huge amount you can loose many assets of your at that time. Some times nature problems also creates much damage on your car. Like heavy winds and hail storms. So auto insurance is very important for all vehicles.

Payment for the insurance companies is called premiums. These premiums we can pay monthly, quarterly, and yearly. According to the company agreements and policies it depends. The persons age, sex, occupation, type of the car, these all are the factors which will decide the premium amount for your insurance.

Other factors for importance of auto insurance

  • Having an auto insurance means you are protecting the big investment which you made on your vehicle.
  • You are in a position to pay the medical bills when you met with an accident.
  • If you have insurance for your car you will be feel like secured. That security feeling gives you happiness and satisfaction while driving your car.
  • If you are unable to pay for high premiums monthly, it is better to take a car which is in expensive. Because for expensive cars the monthly premium is more compared to normal ones.
  • Keeping your record clean means if you met with any accidents then due to your record you need to pay very less amount.

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