Difference Between Language Skills and Communication Skills

By | February 21, 2014

People learn different languages by keeping different objectives in view such as to communicate well verbally and also to develop writing skills. Each one has their own motive for learning new language. Many people in order to achieve the command over communication skills ends up making a wrong choice and go learning instead, choosing a wrong option.

Language is an abstract system of meanings and symbols where the system includes the grammar relating the meanings and symbols and helps in communicating with each other.

Communication is what where passing of information occurs from one organism to another by using signals.

The common misconception

  • Many people have a common misconception that both language and communication skills are same.
  • Both of them though share similarities they are totally different when considered all together.
  • By clarifying this, one can say that communication skills require language skills to certain extent and also not having communication skills do not declare that you have good language skills also.
  • By considering the above things it can be given that communication skills forms a sub domain of language skills.

Language learning vs communication skills

  • Before making the right decision have enough clarity in the objective you are looking for.
  • Decide whether you want restrict to communication skill or develop language skills in whole.
  • Learning or developing a particular language usually includes, a complete understanding of the language. It is a broad approach and requires lot of practice and time.
  • While communication skills limits themselves to the way of communicating in that particular language.
  • If focusing only on verbal skills one just need to have knowledge of grammar, making simple words and sentences.
  • Writing skills requires an extra knowledge of vocabulary and good writing customs.
  • Communication skills can be developed over language skills in short span.
  • The more one practices communication skills the better knowledge one will have about it.
  • Communication skills need less effort on grammar because it is concerned more with delivering the message accurately.
  • Grammar takes a noticeable place in learning a new language and should be given importance which usually forms backbone for any language.

By looking at the above information the difference between language and communication is conveyed. Language forms a vehicle by which one’s thoughts are conveyed where in turn our culture will be conveyed through it.