Pros and Cons of Internet Marketing

By | January 28, 2014

Marketing involves promoting products and making them attract potential customers. Before the advent of the internet, most of the traditional marketing was about oral and physical advertising of the products and services. Now it is more with online and electronic advertising. Internet marketing has both technical and creative aspects including sales, advertising, development, and design. Now we will see the pros and cons with the internet marketing.

  • Pros: The following are the pros with the internet marketing
    • Easy to track: Tracking is a good advantage with the internet marketing. With the data available from the ad server, it is easy to know how many clicks are happen on the advertisement, and how many are converted into sales. It helps to understand the behavior of the customers.
    • Higher customer appeal: With the Internet marketing businesses have the advantage of attracting the consumers in a way that can results quickly. It provides a range of marketing choices for the businesses to selected or targeted audience. Thus, the overall effectiveness and the strategy of internet marketing campaigns depend on investment in marketing and goals of the business.
    • Targeted: You can pinpoint your target market for your business as per your strategies and reach them in a cost effective ways. With an ad server you can find the blogs and websites that gives updates relevant to your business, place your ad in that blog, you can get some better deals. Because consumers are already there for seeking information about the product or service.
    • Cost effective: The ads that you are placing through the internet are having lower prices than the traditional marketing methods like placing in billboards, newspapers, and magazines.
  • Cons: Cons with the internet marketing are as follows:
    • No physical presence: The main disadvantage with the Internet marketing is, customers do not feel the product physically. Even there are many pictures and videos to show, it will not give the impression as direct shopping. Because of this, many customers prefer for direct shopping. However, it is not applicable for some products as well to the services.
    • Security concerns: In the online business, security is very important for both customers and business. Some customers feel hesitate to purchase online, because they do not believe that their personal information remain private. Some business databases are offering to remove the customer information from the database if they want.
    • If the Internet marketing data is analyzed wrongly, may lead to the fault decisions.
    • Many buyers do not trust the electronic payment system to transact through online.

There are both pros and cons with the internet marketing. These will vary based on the industry and the business model that you are following. Some pros may become cons some businesses and vice versa.