Learning a Language Online or In-Person

By | January 24, 2014

Learning a language online is a new concept. The internet has exploded the community from last 10-15 years. With this technological advancements, one can talk to anyone living abroad sitting at home. In learning language, distance is no longer a factor. But for some language learners, they think that the only effective way of learning language is from the private tutor, as this can cause you to get motivated because you would be keen in knowing about how you are improving and practicing the language.

Whether online or offline, it is good idea to have knowledge about a new language.

Benefits of learning language online
When learning a language online, you can communicate with the people from around the world. It enables you in speaking German to people living in Munich or Japanese to people/teacher living in Tokyo, thus opening up lot of opportunities for varied conversation. You can easily get exposed to different types of speakers and their accents as opposed only to your language tutor.

Benefits of in person learning
Many people like learning language in person, as they feel that there is something about learning lively with a person, while there are some drawbacks like interaction in person is not matched with the technology when compared to learning language online. But when learning language in-person, there are no delays or problems with the picture and moreover, you can learn through body language, non verbal clues and many things that cannot be conveyed in online learning.

Both online and in-person language learning has its own advantages and disadvantages. The best way is the mix of both and also taking some standardized language classes with self study. It is better to have exposure when leaning a new language. The more quality exposure you get, the better you will be in long run.