Monthly Archives: January 2014

Pros and Cons of Internet Marketing

Marketing involves promoting products and making them attract potential customers. Before the advent of the internet, most of the traditional marketing was about oral and physical advertising of the products and services. Now it is more with online and electronic advertising. Internet marketing has both technical and creative aspects including sales, advertising, development, and design.… Read More »

Types of Listing Contracts

There are various types of listing contracts, but a few of them are used. The Exclusive Right to Sell is the most common one, but there are the “one-time show,” the “exclusive agency listing,” and the “open listing”. Now we will see them in detail. Open listing: The open listing is largely used by the… Read More »

Learning a Language Online or In-Person

Learning a language online is a new concept. The internet has exploded the community from last 10-15 years. With this technological advancements, one can talk to anyone living abroad sitting at home. In learning language, distance is no longer a factor. But for some language learners, they think that the only effective way of learning… Read More »

Benefits of Learning Foreign Languages Online

Many people think that learning a foreign language online is not beneficial. However, it is not correct because learning online yields more benefits than learning offline. There are many best online language courses you can approach to start learning. Apart from these, there are many sources available online in the form of materials, tools etc.… Read More »