Web Content Management Systems – Pros and Cons

By | November 6, 2013

monitoring serviceThere are different web content management system tools are available today. These come from a free open-source (where a dedicated team works) and the commercial tools by different companies. Each tool has advantages and disadvantages. We will discuss in this article pros and cons of using a web content management systems.

  • Pros
    • Cost: There are some tools available at no cost and even tools offered by the non open-source based companies also reasonable. But cost will increase when add-ons are increased.
    • Easy customization: Customization of content management tools is easy. Many tools are available as drag and drop. Code generation by these also low and are simple to use. So it is easy to use even by non technical people also.
    • By using content management systems, the organization can focus on content rather than its development and design.
    • There is no need of creating new web pages when you add new content. These tools will publish the content into the website framework.
    • website monitoring serviceThere is no need of experience in HTML and other web technologies. Training new employee on these tools is also easy.
    • All content can be stored in a single database and can by access it others.
    • Because of stored in database the content search is enabled and easy to search.
    • Some tools provide the facility to publish the data at a scheduled time and date.
    • Changing the look and feel of the website is easy.
    • Some content management systems are integrated with storage of emails. So you can store the emails of the subscribers and it is easy to send the updates to them.
    • Spell-checking is an inbuilt feature.
    • More than one author can work in the same website at a time without any difficulty.
  • Cons
    • Migrating from one content management tool to another is difficult and time consuming.
    • It can check spell and some grammar, but it never makes a bad content good as a human does. Therefore, it is sensible get it done by human performer.
    • It needs high initial investment and the maintenance cost is also high.
    • Larger tools require big infrastructure and need to upgrade the hardware.
    • If data are not accessed properly from the server, they might be lost.
    • You need to purchase the license, if it is from a commercial company.

These points are not applicable for all the tools. Every tool has unique features. Some companies have the infrastructure and skilled people to work on the new content management systems.