Recruitment Vs Selection

By | November 4, 2013

Recruitment is different from selection. The process of recruitment is done in a different manner and so is the selection process. They are the two different phases of employment process. To help you understand the difference between recruitment and selection, read the following points:

  • The process of recruitment involves searching the right candidates for the organization and attracting them to apply for the job, whereas the process of selection involves various steps through which the candidates are interviewed, screened, assessed for a particular vacancy in the organization.
  • Attracting maximum number of candidates is the purpose of recruitment, whereas selecting the best and most suitable candidate is called selection.
  • Recruitment can be called as positive process as it encourages more and more candidates to apply in the organization, whereas selection can be called as negative process involving rejection of the candidates that are unsuitable.
  • Recruitment process is inexpensive as only advertising cost is involved in this process, whereas selection process can be expensive as some amount of money is spent on conducting interviews, different tests, reference check, medical examinations, etc. Process of selection that is conducted by the experts are paid very high salaries.
  • The nature of selection process is subjective, whereas the nature of recruitment process is objective.
  • Recruitment process is done before selection, which means selection is done after recruitment process.
  • As recruitment process is simple, it does not need help of experts, whereas selection process is complex. For conducting interviews and tests, there is requirement of experts.
  • As recruitment process is short and simple, it involves less time and has few steps, whereas process of selection is lengthy as there are many steps involved in this procedure that may consume lot of time.
  • Major factor of recruitment is advertising the job, whereas in the process of selection final selection of candidate is a major factor.
  • In recruitment process candidates need not have to cross many hurdles, whereas in the process of selection candidates have to cross many hurdles.

Both the process are related to each other, but have different functions and purposes.