Social Illness Vs Social Wellness

By | October 15, 2013

If you want to stay well, wellness should be internal as well as external. Environment around you also influence your health conditions. In this article, we will discuss about the behavior of people with social illness and social wellness.

Social illness
Social illness means poor involvement or poor communication with the environment around you. It is seen in people with social phobia (fear to expose in the society). Right from childhood, some children do not show interest in activities like playing with others, this habit develops gradually and continues for long. They hesitate to speak in front of others, they like to do work alone instead of sharing with others.

Behavior of people suffering from social illness:

  • They don’t mingle easily with others: As we mentioned earlier, it is a social phobia. It can be treated by consulting a psychiatrist.
  • Do not show active participation in social and other activities: They don’t like implementing some habits apart from routine habits like going to office, sitting alone and enjoying alone. They show disinterest in giving their involvement in society based activities.
  • Lead a routine life without any enjoyment: No change in daily schedule, working in the same way. This will develop a type of rejection for learning new things or adapting new changes.
  • Develop loneliness and live in their own world: They spent time alone in calm and peace environment. It is good only to some extent only for privacy things, not all the time.
  • Fail to maintain good relationship with people around them: Until you maintain good interaction with others, you will not know about importance of good relations in one’s life.
  • Loose mental stability: They cannot share with others, don’t know how to overcome any adverse situations and loose mental balance.
  • Always try to involve in conflicts if someone opposes their decision: They develop a stubborn nature as they don’t have much communication with external things and lack awareness, but still they support their argument.
  • Dissatisfaction: Only if you stay happy, you make others feel happy. So these people always have a feeling of dissatisfaction on things done by them.

Behavior of people with social wellness:

  • Active participation in social activities: They try to have changes from time to time in their schedule to enjoy life. They involve in social activities and feel responsible to the society.
  • Develop friendship with strangers: They always like to mingle with people rather than staying alone. Try to get new friends as many as they can. They don’t try to hesitate to speak to a person who is totally new to them.
  • Respect others opinion: They have flexible mind set and show some patience in listening to others opinion and respect others opinion.
  • Maintain good relations: They try to maintain and build relations instead of breaking them.
  • Have more awareness about issues happening around them: Social wellness not only improves physical and mental health, but also develops awareness among people about current affairs as they maintain good communication.
  • Maintain mental balance: People with social wellness can mange stress well, which is the main reason for mental instability.

Social wellness promotes overall wellness of a person. So try to maintain social wellness, consult a psychiatrist if you feel like you have signs of social illness and extend your lifespan.