Natural Micronutrients Versus Supplements

By | October 23, 2013

Confused to choose natural sources or supplements? Worried about any side effects you face due to supplements?

In this article, we will give a comparative study of natural nutrients and supplements to give you a clear picture about what to choose and why.

Natural vitamins versus supplements
Natural vitamins – We can get these vitamins, through food. They are of natural origin, but the point is to what extent we get all the vitamins. Are we able to include foods that give all the vitamins that are required daily in normal amounts? Answer is No. Inspite of following a regular balance diet, we still do not get enough vitamins through food.

The reasons might be because of foods we get today is all made of chemicals, unseasonal fruits, lack of proper knowledge of nutrients in the food we take and poor financial condition.

Thus, it is clear that we do not get daily requirements of vitamins only through diet.

Multivitamin supplements – You can use these supplements. They can compensate for the deficiency of these natural vitamins, but they are not substitutes for natural vitamins.

  • Multivitamins in the form of capsules to be taken along with food to get enough vitamins if you have very low vitamins. These supplements cannot substitute natural vitamins.
  • One advantage of these supplements is that we can get all the vitamins at in one capsule and the cost is also affordable to most of us.
  • But it is suggested to take supplements only after consulting a doctor. Special attention is take in case of children and pregnant women.
  • Multivitamin supplements have different combination of vitamins. So you have to choose based on your requirement. For example, a pregnant women has to choose supplement that has more folic acid and no vitamin A.

Natural minerals versus supplements
Minerals are also diet-origin. We get them through food we take. Amounts of minerals required by our body vary from person to person. Some may have high requirement and some may have less requirement.

Most minerals work in combination with other nutrients. Deficiency of these minerals is rare but the effects are severe if their levels are lowered.

Therefore, it is important to maintain normal levels of these minerals. Only dietary sources cannot give all the minerals for body.

We have mineral supplements available in the market like vitamin supplements. Supplements should be used only after consulting a doctor, as doctor can guide by saying which minerals you are devoid off and which mineral supplements should you take.

Make sure to follow the prescription by professsionals. Overdoses may have side effects.

Supplements along with diet is good option to have a balanced vitamin-mineral compostion in your diet.