Pros and Cons of Enterprise Software

By | August 20, 2013

It is common for any application or the software to have some advantages and disadvantages. Similarly, enterprise software also has some advantages and disadvantages. Some of the major advantages and disadvantages are discussed below in this article.

Benefits of Using Enterprise Software (ES)

There are many benefits of having an own enterprise software for a business. The benefits are

1. Better performance

  • As the software is developed for the functionality of the business, it is more efficient and suits the business better.
  • It does all the operations and functionality of the business.

2. Security

  • Confidential information, reports and resources of the company are stored securely in the software and are not accessible by others outside the business.
  • The business logic and the functionality is well protected.

3. Easy modifications/updates

  • Usually modifications and updates are done by the developers. They are well aware of the technologies used and hence, modifications are done easily by them.
  • The organization might need to pay the software company for doing this for the organization.

4. Sharing of resources

  • All the systems/users of the software are capable of sharing the resources within the business using the enterprise software.
  • This improves the co-ordination among the business and helps organization run effectively.

Limitations Of Enterprise Software (ES)

With benefits, enterprise software also has some limitations. Three common limitations of the enterprise software are

1. Cost

  • The cost for the development and installation of the business software in their server is pretty high.
  • Modifications and updates of the software also cost the business more because they have to pay for the modification, etc.

2. Training

  • It is required that the people working for the company need to be trained to utilize the software well and help the business grow. Sometimes this could be the on-site training, or training for a few weeks or months in the organization. This needs investment from the business/organization to pay for the training.

3. Restrictions

  • Enterprise software is limited to the business and performs all its functionality. When there is need for the extra technology of functionality, it is not possible. The enterprise software is restricted to that business only.
  • In need of added functionality, the business should either buy from the vendors or pay an extra money to the developers to add the functionality.

Advantages of enterprise software are more than its disadvantages. Although it has some disadvantages, in terms of initial investment and training, it helps improve long-term business productivity of the organization.