The New Generation computing – “Cloud Computing”

By | August 21, 2013

The word “cloud” in cloud computing has actually derived from the figure of cloud which is used to represent the internet traditionally. In simple terms, cloud is nothing but a kind of super computer containing huge number of applications, servers, permanent data storage devices etc. Cloud computing was used or the first time in 2006 by AWS (Amazon Web Services). This is becoming more popular and most of the organizations are willing to adapt it because of its easy maintenance, security and high availability.

Architecture of cloud computing:
The architecture of cloud computing is as simple as any client-server model containing three major components. The major difference between the client-server model and cloud computing is the server side. The server side of the client-server model is just one computer or an application. Whereas in cloud computing the server is the cloud. The three major components of cloud computing are

  • Front end
  • Connection/ Network
  • Back end

Basically, front end is the hardware devices and the application or software which is used to access the cloud computing services. The hardware devices can be a Personal Computer (PC), mobile devices or a network.

Connection or network is the component which connects the front end and back end together. This is usually an internet.

Back end is the actual cloud which comprises large number of computers, massive data storage and servers. Cloud can be best understand by the figure:

Categories of cloud computing:
There are three important categories of cloud computing. They are

  • Public cloud
    In public cloud, all the resources are available to the users free of cost. There are also some public cloud which offers services based on pay-per-use policy.
  • Private cloud
    Private cloud is the cloud which provide the services to the users who pay for them.
  • Hybrid cloud
    Hybrid cloud is the mixture of both private and public clouds.

Types of service models:
There are four important service models in cloud computing. They are:

  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)
    In this model user can request for various things stored on the cloud like servers, data storage devices, applications etc.
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
    In this model, user can request for a software o an application and pay for it instead of buying the whole software and again paying fees for license and updates.
  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
    In PaaS model user requests and pay for the server or a platform to run and execute their developed products.


  • Efficient
  • Fast
  • Easy maintenance
  • High availability
  • Cheaper


  • Varying cost
  • Loss of control
  • Constant internet connectivity

It is appreciable to update individuals or organizations with latest technologies emerging these days. But it is equal important that it should always be kept in mind the security of the confidential information. It is best practice to keep a backup of all the data which is stored on the cloud. In case if it breakdown, the server of the cloud should be able to retrieve all the data back from the place where it has stored. Otherwise the data is all lost without being processed. Cloud can be considered as the management than as a location. Because, the cloud not only just stores the information but it manage and maintain the all the information on it.

Cloud computing is such a technology which minimizes the cost and tedious work of maintaining. No doubt there are many security issues in his new concept and the users doesn’t feel comfortable sometimes. So, getting the assurance of security for confidential data from the service providers, cloud computing is adaptable.