Comparison Between Car Purchasing – Online vs Offline

By | August 8, 2013

Today the internet growth has been increased as many users are using continuously and the speed of the internet also increased, so the online shopping also increased, as the trends shows variety of items, models, styles etc on online. So let us compare the online shopping with the offline.

  • There will be many benefits compare to the offline shopping
  • The online shopping is cheaper and the offline shopping make you more money, because the online stores do not have the mortar shops and also overhead of the brick and they face competition around the world prices, so they are cheaper compared to the local shops.
  • The online give variety of options but the offline shows what ever the dealer has.
  • Online shopping is a quicker process, while the offline shopping is a slow process. It is also relevant and accurate compared to the price
  • Online does not give the ability to see and touch the car, but in offline there will be a chance to see, touch and even test drive the car
  • Online shopping gives you all the features that you want in car very quickly, but the offline car buying will not give all the features some times you need to wait and some times you have adjust with the available features.
  • Online will not provide you personal contact but the offline will provide you personal contact.
  • Online shopping gives more convenience than offline shopping because the online shopping will be 24 hours and the offline will be in the day time that is according to the owners wish.
  • The inventory on the online will be more extensive than offline store.