Understand the Types of House Additions

By | March 15, 2013

Are you planning to shift to another house, because of less space in your house, you are finding it difficult to accommodate. If your answer is positive, just stop a while: moving to another house may not be the solution, you can maximize space in your house by adding an extra room to your house. House addition is much cheaper than buying a new house or staying on rent.

In this article, we will help you understand the types of house additions that you can add to your existing house.

A porch is an extension to the living space area. You can add porch Fairy houses in the front and rear side of the house. It enhances the appeal of your house. You can enjoy outdoor living space. Porch is usually used for entertaining, playing and seating purposes.

Sun room/Conservatory
Sun room and conservatory look similar, but there is a small difference between them. Sun room is an enclosed room built with windows and glass walls. These rooms allow direct sun light into the indoor space. To put it in simply, the sun room is an indoor living space where you can enjoy outdoor view from the sun room. Conservatory allows more light in your house, but it is mainly used for growing plants. Total conservatory is made of glass.

A deck is an extension of outdoor living space where you can have parties and entertain your guests. Decks usually don’t have ceiling and flooring. You can add walls or simply partitions to your living space. It is less expensive and you can add it to add value to your house.

A bump-out is extending/moving your walls up to a few inches/feet to add extra space to house interior. That is, you can increase the dimensions of your room or house by adding a bump-out.

Dormers add usable space on the sloping roofs. They are meant for decorative purposes or for functional spaces. You can also add windows to dormers for architectural finish. Dormers makes your house look beautiful.

Patio and backyard both are similar. These are the open space between house and the garden mostly used for relaxing, dining and entertainment. Some patios are enclosed, but don’t confuse with porch. However, patios are always connected with front door or rear door of the house.

Orangeries and conservatories look alike. However, their roofing structures are different. While orangeries roofing structure provides insulation from sunshine to the interior of the house, conservatories don’t do so. Orangeries interiors look fabulous and more impressive than that of conservatories.

Single room
If you want to add extra room to your house, a single room is the best option. You can use this room as your bedroom, garage room or store room.

Second story
Adding one more level on the top of the first floor of the house is second story. This is mainly used when you want to add more rooms on the top of the first floor roof. To construct second story, you need the support of first floor basement, walls and roofing.

You can get house addition done as per your requirements; these additions will not only change the look of your house, but will add value to your house as well.