What are the Different Types of Dental Lasers Used?

By | March 4, 2013

There are various types of dental lasers used in dentistry. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has been approved for variety of soft and hard tissue lasers which is for use in the dental treatment of children as well as adults, because the dental lasers are boasts unique absorption characteristics, that are used to perform a specific dental procedures.

The Soft Tissue Lasers:
This tissue boasts a wavelength which is highly absorbed by hemoglobin and water for making them more effective for the soft tissue management. The most commonly used soft tissue lasers are diode lasers and Nd:YAG, that can be used as component of periodontal treatments, which has the ability to activate the re-growth of tissues by killing bacteria. Compared to fiber optic method the carbon-dioxide laser removes the tissue faster. It also minimizes the damage to the surrounding tissue.

The Hard Tissue Lasers:
This will also have the wavelength that is highly absorb-able by water and hydroxypatite that making them more effective for the purpose of cutting through tooth structure. These lasers include Erbium chromium YSGG and Erbium YAG.

The various types of dental lasers as follows:

Low Level Lasers:
These low level lasers are less known, they are very less expensive and smaller. These are sometimes referred to as soft lasers which will perform the therapy, the therapy performed by this are known as low level laser therapy. This will regenerate the tissues and also improves the blood circulation.

The Carbon-dioxide Laser: This can be used to remove the small tumors and to perform the gingivectomy. This will not require local anesthesia. It is a blood less procedures and will pose no discomfort to the patient.

The Erbium:
The erbium laser is used to alter the pigmentation in the gingival tissues, by providing the patients with the pink gums. This is commonly used to prepare the patient for the purpose of cavity filling. The potential of replacing the drill is possessed by YAG laser.

The Diode Laser:
This laser has been in effective for endodontic treatment and for oral surgery, which is used to correct the aesthetic flaws and to treat oral cavity diseases. It is introduced in 1990’s and it is used to soft tissue.

The Nd:
The YAG is used in tissue retraction, oral surgery and endodontics. This is also does not require anesthesia. This is used for the procedures like the gingival pockets, then the dentist will insert the fiber between the tooth and gingival to stimulate and sterilize the tissue, by causing the gingival to adhere to your neck.