Know the Common Types of Toothpaste

By | March 4, 2013

There are many varieties of toothpastes available and you could choose one according to the condition of your teeth. Each toothpaste has its different composition. If you have experienced sensitivity in your teeth, there is toothpaste for teeth sensitivity. If your teeth become dark, there is toothpaste for teeth whitening etc. It is, therefore, in your hand which toothpaste to choose, according to your teeth condition. The common types of toothpastes are as follows:

Toothpaste for sensitive tooth
If your tooth became sensitive to cold or hot foods, it is caused by the porosity in your teeth, as the dentin in the teeth is made up of lots of the tiny tubules, which lead directly to the sensitive pulp area which contains nerves. Under the situation, this kind of toothpaste helps block the tubules as they toothpaste contain potassium nitrate, that is useful in reducing the painful situation which are associated with this condition.

Toothpaste for Teeth Whitening
This is designed for people who find stains on their teeth even though they don’t smoke. This may be because of consuming foods or drinks like tea coffee or coal. These teeth whitening toothpastes contain high amount of abrasives and cleansers that helps you in removing the strains on the surfaces of your teeth and whiten your teeth by making them brighter and shine.

Toothpaste for Smokers
The smokers often find their teeth with stains, as a result of smoking tobacco. So it is specially designed for smoking persons. This toothpaste contains cleansing agents with slightly abrasive. This is made for smokers to look their teeth whiter.

Toothpaste for Children
The children toothpaste is either contains less fluoride or without fluoride, this is because excessive ingesting of fluoride which is containing in toothpaste leads to health risks in children. And additionally these children toothpastes have been flavored in candy tastes.

Standard Toothpaste:
This toothpaste is normal, which is useful for normal people, as it contains very common ingredients. These will work better for normal people but not for the specialized ones as it is not specialized in this area.

So choose toothpaste according to your use, as it will work in a better way according to your situation.