What are Vocabulary Games?

By | January 29, 2013

Vocabulary games are an excellent method of boosting your vocabulary. Some people love words, some people have passion for to play fun. Some vocabulary games are as follows:

Boggle: It is game involving a set if dice letter painted on each face. You need to mix up the dice in their grid and the letters appear. With those letters, make as many words as you can in certain timing. The person who makes maximum words will be the winner. Constantly strive for new words from the appeared letters. Thus this game enables you to improve vocabulary through fun.

Taboo: Taboo is a game played involving a board. The game requires a slip of paper and some amount of creativity. The task of the game is you need to give the team members to the word you think about. The other team will give you a word you need to get your team members say the word with the clues, and by acting but not by saying the words which are too related to the given word.

Random word game: This game has to be played by members sitting around a circular table. One player starts with a word and the person next has to say another word with the last letter of the word given by the team member. And the process should go on continuing telling different words not the repeated words.

These vocabulary games help learn new words with fun and interest and thus improve your vocabulary.