What are Different Types of Carpets?

By | December 26, 2012

Carpets enhance the look of your house. There are different types of carpets made of different materials available in different styles and colors. You can choose a carpet best suited to your home.

Woven carpets are very expensive because these are produced by a loom which is very similar to woven cloth. In these carpets, many new styles and patterns are available. This is the highest quality of all the carpet types.

Tufted carpets can either be cut pile or loop pile which is produced on a tufting machine by using either a single colored or a colorless yarn. These yarns are injected on to the backing material for providing stability.
Plush and velvet are very soft carpets and available in more textures and offer a uniform color. These carpets give a luxurious appeal.
Needle felt carpets are very advanced type and durable. These carpets are produced with electrostatic attraction to each other of synthetic fibers. These carpets are used in hotels.

Hand-knitted carpets are knitted manually and are very expensive because, making these carpets is time consuming.

Hooked rug carpets are also made by hand by just pulling strips of cloth such as wool or cotton through the meshes of a very sturdy fabric.

Cut and loop piles carpets are available in solid and in different colors. It provides a medium durability because it contains variety of surface textures. Due to the difference in texture levels of these carpets, dirt and dust will hide under these. So, that’s why it offers less durability.

Also, there are many types of carpets are there such as Saxony, frieze, Flat weave, plush, Berber etc. These can be used anywhere in your home.