Get to Know About Different Types of Online Advertisements

By | November 15, 2012

Online advertisement is an effective way of advertising the products; these advertisements are getting more number of viewers within short period of time. Online advertisements are very efficient at reducing the product promotion expenses and in increasing the number of viewers. Online advertisement also promotes the products in many forms, like text ads, banner ads, pop-up ads, sidebar ads, floating ads etc. Among these we can commonly see text ads, banner ads, sidebar ads in the Internet.

Text ads: These are very efficient ads in promoting products. They promote the products as text based hyperlink form. These promotions include the catchy phrases which are effective at catching the viewer’s interest. These promote the products with less than five sentences length, when people want to get more information, they can click on the link that takes them to the home page of the website.

Banner ads: These are a bit more efficient than text ads for promoting a product. They use graphics and visual effects in promoting the brand. Banner ads are important at capturing the internet users’ interest to form the viewer’s traffic.

Pop-up ads: These ads promote the product by getting displayed on other company’s web page. These are not that beneficial to businesses in promoting the brand.

Sidebar ads: These are very much beneficial to business companies for promoting their product. Whenever the internet user opens a web page, product advertisements appear on the sides of the page. They commonly appear horizontally or vertically on the page. These promote the product with 160-600 pixel wide images.

Floating ads: When any web page is open, this advertisement takes place on that page for 5-30 seconds; these do not appear after a limited time. If anyone wants to check out more information that is included in that ad, one can just click it and get it easily.

These sorts of advertisements are widely used in online advertising to increase the business sales.